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What to do if you Hate being Married

You thought someone was cute, got to know this person, had some fun, learned more about their self, were in a relationship for a while, deciding that purchasing an engagement ring was the next natural step, and at some point organically moved to a wedding which initiated a marriage. Now …

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Signs a Friend is Lonely

There are countless lonely people in the world, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that, because someone lives alone and rarely sees anyone, he or she is lonely. Some of the loneliest people are those in relationships, who appear to live fulfilling lives, but are nevertheless lonely on the inside. It …

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Marry or Live together

Living together before marriage seems such an obvious choice of lifestyle that we wonder why everyone doesn’t do it. But is it really so obvious? Some marital research was undertaken a couple of years ago, mainly to compare the rates of divorce between people married for the first time and …

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Meeting your Partners Parents before saying i do

“One who begets, gives birth to, or nurtures and raises a child; a father or mother.” (Definition of parent – FreeDictionary.com) Parents raise and nurture their children, helping them to grow into the people they become. Whether of positive or negative influence, parents are arguably the most influential aspect of people’s lives. An …

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How to End a Relationship

End a relationship without arguing? If you can do this, that means that something wasn’t right. Your partner didn’t like you that much or simply thought it wasn’t necessary to try to be with you any more. Don’t ever try to use cliché sentences such as: “It’s not you, it’s …

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