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Insecurity and Relationships

Being questioned over each of one’s actions can really irritate even the most easy-going guy. Insecurity points to the lack of trust in a relationship as well as the person’s own low self-esteem. A highly confident working woman can also be insecure when it comes to her husband depending on …

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Signs a Couple is Drifting apart

While there are signs indicating that a couple is really happy, there are also signs indicating that a couple is drifting apart. These signs may come in different forms, like the body language of either (or both) of the partners or the way they handle their time together. These subtle …

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How to Spice up your Sex Life

When you’re in a long term relationship, sex becomes something mechanical after a while. You fall in to the trap of becoming familiar and super comfortable with one another. While this is something every relationship should aspire to be, becoming mechanical and boring in the bedroom should remain a complete and …

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