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Long Distance

Long distance relationships require lots of commitment and hard work. People in long distance relationships can easily drift apart and loose contact but it is up to the individuals in the relationship to make it work.  Long distance relationships follow the basic rules of any relationship. Love, understanding, compromise and …

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Character Assassins

What exactly is a character assassin?  This is a person with a vendetta.  Whatever the reason for their vendetta is, they are determined to undermine the reputation of another person.  When you get involved with this type of person, you may find yourself the victim of lies, vicious verbal attacks, …

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Love at first Site – No

I, personally, do not believe in love at first sight. Yes, I admit that you may see a person on the street and find them attractive but that person may turn out to be a total jerk or just not compatible with you. In order to fall in love with …

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Living together

The benefits of living together before getting married can be thought about more than just one way.  If you think about the old school of life where people did not have sex before they got married it may not be alright to move in with your mate.  If you mother …

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Find and keep True Happiness

True happiness comes from within.  It can’t bought, given, or taken from others.  Happiness is the blissful emotion you feel when all seems right with the world and your life.  How do you find true happiness?  Try these tips and see if you find it impossible to smile. Since happiness …

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Finding Mutual Interests with your Partner

The average American couple spends about twenty minutes of quality time together every day. The stress and demands of everyday life often serve as a barrier to keep partners from bonding on multiple levels. It’s important, when striving for a long term relationship to develop interests you can enjoy together. It will …

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