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Happiness in Life

Many people live their lives in search of happiness only to end up in a constant state of disappointment.  They jump from job to job or relationship to relationship constantly thinking the next change will bring them happiness.  Others try to buy their happiness in fancy cars, new houses, clothes …

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Signs that your Friend is Lonely

Friendships can be difficult and if your friends are lonely this can put pressure on your relationship. Many people may not be aware or admit to being lonely but there are ways in which you may be able to tell if your friend is indeed lonely.  * Exaggerations. When people are …

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Love in the Eyes of a Child – No

There’s harsh reality in the fact that true love does not exist anymore. Soul mates are for fairy-tales, love at first sight is something seven year olds watch in terribly cheesy movies like Cinderella. Even at thirteen years old, I know that this is true. One could make a valid …

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