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How to end an abusive relationship

Ending an abusive relationship isn’t something to be taken lightly. Because the abuser is a dominant possessive individual, it will not be easy to break away from the relationship cleanly, without a great deal of help. Possessive abusive people do not want to let go. They are also very manipulative …

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Combining Households Tips Stress

Two couches, two dish sets, two vacuums, two sets of wall decor, two televisions, two people, two lives and one new home. Combining households can be stressful business. This is because generally  you’ve got double what you need and two people who love their stuff that have settled into a …

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Ending an Abusive Relationship

The most important aspect of ending an abusive relationship is to face reality. Determine when there is no question about attempting to continue staying with the offender. Abuse, whether physical or emotional, is rarely a one-time happening. Most simply: Get away from it as quickly and safely as possible! Of …

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