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Should we be able to block television commercials? This question requires some thought. Firstly let us understand the purpose commercials serve. They are the main source of income for a television network, and thus if they did not exist pretty much all stations would rely upon donations like PBS does. …

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West Wing best Television Drama

I like TV drama, I like Sci-fi, I like crime and police procedurals, but I do have fairly high standards about where I’ll spend my valuable time. From 1999 through to 2006 my time was very firmly spent watching the superb West Wing. Fast paced, well acted, tight dialogue and …

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Jillian Michaels before Biggest Loser

This woman was one of the hottest brand names in America in 2009. No—not Paris Hilton, Britney, Lindsay or another tabloid regular. Jillian Michaels earned her fame due to her passion to help people lose weight. She personally understands the challenge. Unhappy and 65 pounds overweight, a 13-year-old Jillian dedicated …

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TV Show Reviews the Colbert Report

My husband and I love watching The Colbert Report. It brings him several good laughs at night before he has to leave for work. The Colbert Report airs on Comedy Central and the show’s guests know Stephen Colbert’s mode of operation so they can expect to be questioned with hilarious, …

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TV Show Reviews Call the Midwife

“Call the Midwife” is another one of those rich and textured dramas that the BBC does so well.  Much like its more sumptuous cousin “Downton Abbey” and the seemingly immortal “Upstairs, downstairs”, “Call the Midwife” transports the viewer to a time and place both unknown and somehow familiar to its …

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Knight Rider

As a huge ‘Knight Rider’ fan, I was excited to hear they were making a continuation series to the original 1980’s classic. The pilot episode gave hope that things were starting in the right direction and the choice of a Mustang as ‘KITT’, while unorthodox, was a welcome change. The …

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