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TV Reviews Guiding Light

It is seventy years since the premiere of the “Guiding Light” and it has been a staple for me for more than thirty years now. The only reason I started watching was due to the fact that I was waiting for another program to come on one day and I …

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The Timeless Quality of Excellent Journalism – Yes

Total news and information companies will likely flourish during the next decade, despite significant industry transformations and the developing of ongoing new technologies. Why?  Human beings everywhere enjoy keeping current with new developments.  Accurate and comprehensive news coverage offers one important venue for achieving that goal. This article will advance …

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Dragonball z Power Ratings

Here is a list I have been making up over the last few months of all the power ratings of all the characters worth mentioning in the hit television series Dragonball Z. They are of course desputable, especially as there are a million sites that quote power levels, but I …

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Why is the TV Series 24 so Popular

The first time I watched the TV show “24” I was on my feet for the entire episode because of the adrenaline rush and suspense coming from the storyline. It has been said that watching one episode of the show will get you “hooked”, instantly creating a liking for the …

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TV Network Reviews Spike TV

Women can have Lifetime, Oprah’s Channel, and the Home Shopping Network. I don’t want them! Young men have been given a channel that they can call their own: Spike TV. Spike TV is a network that appeals to a very specific yet popular demographic, and it does it without reservations …

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