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TV Show Reviews Hole in the Wall

Hole In The Wall originated in Japan, where contestants could win huge amounts of prize money. It was also aired on American television as a game show. It was aired on Fox television in 2008 and 2009. A version of this show has been showing on the BBC, in the UK, …

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Why Garfield is so Darn Popular

In Garfield, with his Monday-hating, caustic remark-making, ‘this is my world and you’re just a fruit fly fluttering around theoverripe banana’ demeanor, we find someone who can get away with doing and saying all the things we would like to. That just may be why that fat orange cat has …

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Clean House TV Show Reviews

“Who wants a Clean House?” I know I would and many other people out there would. So you’re wondering well, what is this show all about and is it something that I could be interested in? Well, do you love home make over shows? Are you the type of person that …

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