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Quality Value Convenience is what QVC offers  consumers.  After being called the QVC Queen by several friends, I have come to accept the label.  However, after listening to some of my fellow viewers I have found that I am not the only QVC queen around. QVC offers many brands.  Some …

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TV Show Reviews Dr Phil

If someone tried to send me to Dr. Phil, I would run! His ‘in your face’ type of counseling that is meant to portray being ‘real’ is not what many of us choose for wise counsel. If that’s your thing, go for it. Many of us prefer compassion and understanding …

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Anime Reviews Tactical Roar

“Tactical Roar” is a futuristic science-fiction anime title directed by Yoshitaka Fujimoto and produced by “Bandai Visual.” The series ran for up to thirteen episodes which is normal for many Japanese anime titles. It the premise of Tactical Roar is that it takes place in the near future where the …

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Party of five TV Show

Remember Party of Five? I used to love that show. This was years ago, early nineties I think, before Grey’s Anatomy, Six Feet Under, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and all those other great shows that have been on television since. Every week I would watch those orphans deal with life. …

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Cosby Show

One of my favorite shows growing up was the Cosby show. Although I’m sure I’ve seen every episode created, I still enjoy watching the re-runs that I occasionally catch. Of all the episodes and all of the seasons of the Cosby show, I think my most favorite episode had to …

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