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TV Show Reviews Sealab 2021

“Sealab 2021” is a revival of the old cartoon “Sealab 2020”. But the thing is, it’s not that much of a rival. It’s basically Sealab 2020 with all of the Sealab characters. But the thing it pokes fun at the characters and the people on Sealab do things very out …

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Haven is a Syfy Hit

With its debut episode on July 9th 2010, Haven, a SyFy original series loosely based off the novella “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King is a science fiction show that is based in the small town of Haven, Maine. Featuring Emily Rose (Jericho and Brothers and Sisters as FBI agent …

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TV Show Reviews the Father Dowling Mysteries

An American television mystery drama, Father Dowling Mysteries ran from 1987 to 1991. Dealing with Father Dowling’s crime adventures and investigations, the show was first broadcast on NBC and then moved onto ABC for its last two seasons, in 1989. Created by Ralph McInery, the crime series has a delightfully …

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Anime Reviews Peach Girl

“Peach Girl” is a twenty-five episode Japanese anime series that is directed by Hiroshi Ishiiodori and produced by Studio Comet, with its original run starting from January 8, 2005 until June 25, 2005. It had originally aired on TV Tokyo. The North American license has been obtained by FUNimation Entertainment, …

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Doctor who

Even though the decision has been made and all speculation has been put to rest until the next time a New Doctor is needed, the whole process of speculating on the varied possibilities is still quite an interesting exercise in “What Could Be” or perhaps “Who Could It Be Now?” …

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Anime Reviews Flcl

One night I was watching “Adult Swim” on Cartoon Network and my wife walks into the room and I was watching a rather strange anime program. She looked at it and asked me “What are you watching?” and the only response I could give was “I really have no idea”. …

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