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Movie Reviews everything is Illuminated 2005

Written and directed by Liev Schreiber, from the novel by Jonathan Safron Foer. “Everything Is Illuminated” is a quirky, odd little film written and directed by Liev Schreiber, sometimes abruptly funny and often poignant, as a young American Jew named Jonathan Foer goes on a quest to the Ukraine. The …

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The Office

Originally adapted back in 2005 by executive producer Greg Daniels, the American interpretation of Britain’s hit show “The Office” was received with much skepticism from critics and fans alike. Many believed Daniels would ruin the series by turning the American version into a glorified tribute to British creators/producers/writers Ricky Gervais …

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Car Park Horror Who’d a Thought it

It’s Christmas Eve and, as usual, Angela is the last to leave the office. Despite the fact that her family is waiting for her to join them for Christmas supper, she is unable to tear herself away until very late, when the security guard is patrolling the office floors. Escorted …

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Movie Reviews the Man who never was

The Man Who Never Was (1956) Starring Clifton Webb, Robert Flemyng, Josephine Griffin, Stephen Boyd, Gloria Grahame, Michael Hordern, Geoffrey Keen. Directed by Ronald Neame. Running time: 103 minutes Rating: Unrated “Martin genuine!” A cold calculating Nazi spy (Boyd) who affects an Irish accent infiltrates Britain during World War II …

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Understanding Michael Jacksons Legacy

Everyone knows who Peter Pan is. He’s the magical boy who never grows up, never ages, believes in fairies and can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t. Peter Pan is a part of everyone’s childhood. We all remember him flying around with his friends, Wendy, John, and Michael and taking them to …

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Screenwriters Billy Wilder

Director/screenwriter Billy Wilder has received much acclaim for the American movies he has made. This is an unusual accomplishment, considering that Wilder was not born in the U.S., and did not speak English for the first 27 years of his life. Wilder was born on June 22, 1906, in Austria-Hungary. …

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