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Candle Magicsimple Magic with Candlescandle Ritualscandle Colours and Magic

‘Magic’ is the art of causing changes in consciousness and the physical environment. At its most simple, it is the use of the hidden powers of the mind by means of visualisation, concentration and willpower.

Candle Magic

One of the most simple forms of magical practice is candle magic. Anyone can practise it, not just those who follow certain religious or spiritual beliefs. The tools used can be bought in any hardware store or gift shop. And its procedures can be performed virtually anywhere.

Burning candles for magical purpose is one of the best methods for getting in touch with the powers of the subconscious mind. This section of the mind is the part which brings us our dreams, visions and sometimes nightmares. It is the mental level of telepathy and extra-sensory perception. And through tapping into our subconscious, dramatic changes can be caused to the conscious mind leading to the attainment of any ambition or goal.

Size and Shape of Candles in Magic

The size and shape of the candles used for magic does not really matter. There will of course be problems if the candle is too large. In practice, most witches use candles of a standard size and type. One important factor is that the candles used must be new and unlit. Magical rituals use materials which are ‘virgin’. The occult reason for this is that alien vibrations can be picked up from using second-hand materials and these will annul the effect of the magical act.

Some occultists prefer to make their own candles. This indeed, sometimes becomes a magical ritual in itself. Craft and hobby shops provide a wide selection of moulds, wax, wicks and perfumes for the would-be candlemaker.

The only condition needed for the place in which the candle magic is to be carried out, is that it is quiet. No special clothes are needed. – Although I wouldn’t advise you to work naked as hot wax can be painful! Incense is sometimes burnt to help create a suitable atmosphere.

Rituals and Candle Magic

Some rituals are performed by the cycles of the moon. The new moon is the time for candle rituals connected with new beginnings and new projects. If the magic relates to conceiving a baby, then this would be the time to burn a green candle.

But one word of warning: three days before the New Moon is ‘the dark of the Moon’ when traditionally no magical rituals are performed.

Before the candle is lit, it must first be ‘dressed’. This produces a psychic link between the candle and the occultist. Touching the candle will charge it with his personal vibrations.

Candles and Colours

One of the most important aspects of this type of magic is the colour of the candle. Recent scientific research has proven that colours do affect humans in different ways.

In candle magic, different colours are used for different purposes. For instance yellow will stimulate the imagination and creativity, blue represents truth, wisdom and mental healing. Pink symbolises love and romance, green represents fertility and good fortune.

So, for example, a purple candle would be burned if the magic to be performed has something to do with money, a red or blue candle for healing or say, a yellow candle for passing an exam.

Once the candle is lit, the wish that’s to be achieved should be written down on a clean piece of paper – perhaps the same colour paper as the candle. As the wish is written out, the person must visualise what they want to happen.

Next the paper must be placed in the candle flame and burned. As this is done, the end result of the magical act must be visualised. The candle must burn away completely and should not be used again for magical purposes.