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Cancerians and Luck and what is Lucky for Cancer in Astrology

Although Cancer is not a particularly outgoing or boisterous sign, you do have a business-minded head on your shoulders, and you can be ambitious. Maybe you don’t like taking risks, but you will enjoy competitions that demand skill rather than speculation. You’re tenacious too.

Once you get your claws into something, you won’t give up very easily. And that’s why you’re the one who always manages to find the answers to the most complex and compound problems. The trouble is, you’re too kind Cancer and you’ll probably end up sharing this knowledge with everyone else, thereby lessening your chances of winning! The lesson here is that, there’s no harm in sharing, but at the same time, be sure to hold the winning card close to your chest!

Cancer, Luck and Positive Thinking ~

Perhaps you can’t exactly describe yourself as the luckiest person on earth, but you do have one thing in your favour. You were born under a water sign and whether you realise it or not, you are very intuitive. Spend time developing this side of your nature. Tune into your subconscious Cancer, and this will lead you onto the path to success. Learn to trust your hunches. Let your instincts be your guide. Your mind is creative and artistic.

Competitions which involve music, poetry, photography, cooking or gardening are the ones in which you’ll perform best. Likewise, go for prizes such as musical instruments, cooking or gardening equipment, cameras, antique or collector items and luxury cruises. You have a natural affinity with the sea and water. Anything to do with these are lucky for you.

Best Days and Lucky Mascots for Cancerians ~

What’s the best day to fill in those entry forms? You’re ruled by the Moon and Monday is a good day for you. The numbers two and seven are your lucky numbers while silver grey and pale colours are fortunate. Competitions with the places New Zealand, Scotland, New York, Venice or Holland in either the answers or the prizes are fortunate.

Lucky Stones for Cancer ~

Your lucky stones, Cancer, are Moonstones and pearls. Again, look for competitions involving these, while your lucky metal is silver. For a lucky mascot, carry a silver spoon. Lucky months for you in general are July, September and November.

Cancer, you are skilled at recognising a good opportunity. You have a good sense of timing and your instincts will tell you which comps to go for, and which might only be a waste of time. Tune into your inner-self and you’ll soon start to recognise the signs that tell you when you’re onto a winner.