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Cancer and Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility and how Cancerians and Sagittarians Relate

Because it takes time for them to get to know people, Cancer will find socialising so much easier when they are with their Sagittarius partner. Sagittarius is an outgoing sign and he or she never seems to be at a loss for words.

There is rarely an awkward moment when the Archer is around. He or she has such a crazy sense of humour that even when they feel really down, they can always make people laugh. Cancer will like this relationship to be the one they have always dreamed of but as they get to know each other better, it will become apparent that it will be necessary to work hard to come to a basic understanding.

The Cancerian is looking for Romance with a capital R. They will put their all into a loving and sensitive relationship. Their partner will come to mean “everything” to them and they want their lover to feel the same way too. However, when Sagittarius has so many other interests outside of their relationship Cancer might start to wonder whether he or she is really very serious about romance. Who gets the priority here? The Cancerian or their partner’s friends. Often it will be the latter!

Sagittarius won’t deliberately put other people first. It’s just that he or she won’t share such a serious attitude towards love and romance. In this department this duo seems to have completely different needs, hopes and expectations. Those born under the sign of the Archer tend to be a little too wild for sensitive people like Cancerians. Sagittarius is an adventurer, loving to learn through a variety of experiences. Their lover will be willing to travel and he or she won’t mind taking a few risks too.

Cancerians are faithful and serious in their close relationships. Their need for security and stability goes against the Sagittarian’s need for fun and variety. Their need to spend lots of loving, twosome moments together seems poles apart from their Archer’s need to enjoy group and social affairs whenever they possibly can.

So, will the Cancerian really be prepared to accept the freedom-loving ways of their partner? Deep down they ‘re quite possessive when it comes to their relationships and they might not really be happy with someone who is constantly looking for something different.

Of course this doesn’t mean a new partner as such. It’s just a Sagittarian’s way to always be striving towards new goals and new experiences and the Cancerian who is quite happy with a more stable and secure way of living, may find this all a bit too much to cope with. Cancer is home-loving and they might think that wild horses couldn’t even shift they from the place that they will grow to love and cherish. But their partner won’t place such a priority around their home-life. Travelling and moving from place to place doesn’t really bother them.

There are so many areas where they won’t understand each other that this could be a rather difficult partnership.