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Can Information Contained in Bible Realm Absolute Truth Simply Present Fables – Truth

There is truth in the bible. Undoubtedly there is truth. The truth of Jesus, his life, his death and his resurrection is truth and I believe that unreservedly. That truth carries the amazing message that God, the most powerful being that has ever been, is and that will ever be came down to us in human form. God came to teach how to better live our lives and how to live so that we as Christians enrich the lives of others too.

Jesus was inspirational but also controversial. Imagine a man, coming in the 21st
century and challenging all the leaders of religion, challenging the government and challenging the people. Add that this man also claimed he was God there is no doubt that it would cause a huge uproar and ultimately huge ridicule and resentment. People would think that he was delusional or that he was trying to deceive. And that is what is so special about Jesus. Obviously Jesus had opposition, powerful opposition but despite that he was followed. He was believed in and he was trusted and worshiped as God. If we had a man who said this in today’s society he would have some followers, ten, maybe twenty possibly even a few hundred but Jesus overcame all ridicule and has amassed billions of followers and enriched billions of lives. Now if this wasn’t enough to set him above all other prophets, teachers or story tellers he made sure that his words and message weren’t lost and wasn’t just taken some story with a good moral.

There was opposition against him and that opposition killed him. They nailed him to a cross and he died hanging with nails through his palms and his ankles, stripped of his dignity being jeered at and humiliated. And he did this for us. In that time when he was on the cross he bore the burden for every sin that has ever been and every sin that there will ever be. That how huge the love of God is for us and that is how amazing Christianity is and that is the truth of the bible. That is the thing in the bible that is definitively true that sets it apart from every other religion. That is the core basis of Christianity and the truth of the bible.

What Jesus said and what he did is the absolute, unshakable truth because his words are, ultimately, the word of God. The rest of the Bible; creation, Noah, Jonah ect is all open to interpretation. But no matter anyone’s interpretation of them there is always truth underneath. Let’s take Genesis for example. The beginning of Genesis charts the creation of the earth and then Adam and Eve. Personally I believe that the author of Genesis wrote it as a means of describing creation to people and telling them about our downfall from God’s planned perfection. However, some believe that the world was literally created how it says in Genesis and that the events of Adam and Eve are historical facts. Some believe that Jonah, who tried to run away from God was really swallowed by a giant fish however some believe that is a story with an underlining message.

The thing is that it doesn’t matter which one you believe. With Genesis it doesn’t matter if you the events literally or think that they are stories. What matters is that you believe the truth behind the events, fact or fiction. It matters that you know that truth that God wanted us perfect and he made us in his image but we screwed up, big time, but we know that he is still there for us. It doesn’t matter if you believe that Jonah was literally swallowed by a big fish or not. What matters is that you know the truth that we cannot run away from God and his plan for us, but if we try he will always welcome us back to him with open arms and a forgiving, loving and compassionate heart.

The bible is truth. So much inspirational, amazing, profound truth. Truth which can change lives, chance societies and ultimately truth which can save. Even though sometime it may be told through stories it is still there and will always be there, as strong and as important as ever.