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Can different Sacred Texts be Inspired by God – No

If you gave one piece of literature to a multiple number of people, you would get each taking something of importance to themselves and leaving the rest. Literature, by nature, is to be studied and thought about, rather than followed blindly. It is not to be interpreted by self-proclaimed experts to control the message of the literature.

With this definition of literature, how could God be the writer of any particular piece? If God is responsible for inspiration to the writers of any literature, God must have inspired it all.

As human beings we have been born with wonderful tools and traits within our humanity. Surely, they were meant to be used to enhance the conditions of all human beings.

One of the most wonderful of traits is our ability to think for ourselves with our God-given free will thought. That is why each of us gets something different from all experiences and reading.

When an author writes for an audience, they know who will be reading it in their own lifetime. They also realize the potential for all life to evolve into different understanding. Each and every piece of literature offers each of us something. That something is what changes, enhances or otherwise affects our lives. As we change, so the next reading will bring another aspect to our attention, as we are now ready for a new message.

The major religious texts, for example, were excellent for their time. They aided the development and community of religious groups to reach as many people as possible. Each religion took an aspect of their religious text, emphasized it for their own particular community and then allowed themselves to dismiss the rest in their path of spirituality.

As the message evolved it took the religious communities into many paths of spirituality. At times they included more from the religious texts. Then they could bury any diversity in their own theological thinking.

There were 12 disciples of Jesus that went into many countries and areas to bring a message. What was right for one nation would not fit in another. The diversity of one Religion, Christianity based upon Jesus’ teachings, took on many faces as the literature was formed.

And as time has unfolded has it truly proven its worth for future generations? If it was such a simple message and available and effective for all generations, we would not have so many scholars of the religious texts trying to find meaning whether obvious or hidden.

God can be the focus. God can be the idea behind the literature. It is human beings who write it for their fellows to understand the God of their own ability to understand.