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Buyers Guide to as seen on TV Products

Lifetime guarantee! Money back if not satisfied! Lifetime supply! But wait there’s more, I’m frankly not sure how much “more” I could possibly stand. To issue a buyers guide to “as seen on tv” products may be a bit like a spiritualists guide to palm readers. I’m taking nothing from the higher powers or those sensitive to feeling energies still here, but a sense of reality needs to be instated when referring to these products.

Lets see, what have you had problems with? Peeling eggs, stained toilets, hanging pictures in dry wall? What about dicing or slicing vegetables or even trying to eat healthy and exercise? I believe this forum of marketing is much more psychological than it is any thing else. Lets face it, they want to part you and your money. Some are without a doubt a sincere effort to improve upon a task resulting in an easier part of your day, while others are nothing more than a ploy to create a black bottom line.

I have been gullible enough to purchase some of these products after they have made it to a clearance or outlet store. I can’t mention any specific names, but the term buyer be ware comes to mind. I haven’t had any real success with the few I have ended up with. Generally speaking, I have to believe the old cliche’ of “if it’s too good to be true it probably is”. Think about this for a minute, imagine a knife that never needs to be sharpened. Do you think this may play on the fact that, at least at my house, you have trouble finding the knife that will do justice to a tomato or other food where sharpness is nearly mandatory? What about a lifetime supply? How could somebody have so much confidence in their product that they assume you could never need another or more? I find that a little hard to swallow. In my opinion it’s kind of like that certain music club that many of us owed money to at one time or another. They play on the human fault of getting busy and not following through. Not to mention a persons pride, after all they made a seemingly logical decision to spend their money on this fool proof product.

So as things go, I think you see the direction I’m headed here, if you truly do have the discipline to take advantage of this unlimited supply of lifetime merchandise, maybe you should go for it. I only ask you to remember one thing. Once these products end up in the close out store, how much of a supply do you think is left.

Apologies to the successes that have survived “as seen on tv” because there have been a few. Otherwise you know what they say about a fool and his money.