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Britney is a Danger – Yes

A downright YES! I can’t express it any more than how much others have said about it. Britney needs help, mental help. She is an addict and a bad one. It is evident that has lost her mind, but it should take a toll on her children. Her children need to be raised by their grandparents, or put them up for adoption since she is a danger to them. A mother’s role is very important in raising children. Having a seriously broken mother to care for her children is like leaving chicks out in the open to be devoured by a flying eagle. Mothers like Britney is a nightmare to all the mothers around the world; she gives all the mothers out there a bad name. She may have the riches and the fame to go along with it, but if she’s not doing her natural duty as a mother to her children, it is and should be the court’s decision to make about it.

If she truly loves her children, why is it hard for her to quit the kind of lifestyle she is so deep into? A mother’s instinct usually helps her out of whatever pit she is in to save her children, but with Britney, she is way far down; almost hopeless. And because she’s a bad mother to her children, her little sister comes up to try to be just like her. There is crisis stamped all over this family and it is a cry for intervention, for help.

With her situation, doctors and psychologists can help her. But if she is not willing to get help and help the doctors and psychologists to help her, she will remain to be Britney Spears as we know it: a blonde-on-lustful-crack. Appealing it may seem to all the lustful and pathetic guys who promote her “confused” lifestyle, but it is actually eating it away.

Bottom line is, a mother should NOT be seen and received as a danger or a threat to her children; rather, she should be the adornment of her husband’s character, and the inspiration of her children as they grow to love and adore her. Well, so much drama on her when the father of her children is a thorn to the backside. Both Britney and Ken should have their children as high priority in their lives regardless of who’s taking care of them. As parents, they should be responsible to raise their children.

My only concern is how they can live a life as a father and a mother to their children when they also live a luxurious lifestyle of spending money, exposing private body parts, and portraying to the world how drugged up and sexually oriented they are. I strongly feel that it is not an appropriate motherly and fatherly figure they should raise their children with.