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Born again Fact or Phallacy

Let us approach this subject from a different angle. The Bible clearly states that God is light and in him is no darkness. This statement places God in a sphere where there is no alternatives, there are no grey areas. If God is pure light then nothing that contains darkness will be able to enter his being. Let me explain.

Imagine yourself in a room with no window and source of light except for a single light bulb hanging from the center of the roof. You find yourself in this room with the light turned of. The darkness is so thick that you cannot see your hand in front of your eyes. There is not a single speck of light anywhere in the room. Now the light is turned on, in an instant the room is flooded with light and your eyes sting from the sudden brightness. The question you have to ask at this point is: what happened to the darkness? Is it destroyed or is it just gone? For where there is light there shall be no darkness.

Now let us pull this thought into the Christian realm and being born again. If a man acts outside of God he is acting in darkness. This statement is hard to hear but it is the truth nonetheless. God himself is light, so if we want to know what the building blocks of light are, we have to take a close look at God and what the bible tells us about him. We know that God is love, a perfect judge, peace, the creator and son and so on. These are all the big things that we know about God. What about the small things like the Ten Commandments that he gave to his people? These are a blueprint of being like him. The word teaches us that we have to be holy because God is holy. His commandments are a manual to holiness, and holiness simply means to be set apart. The last time I checked light is quite apart from darkness. For this reason any man stepping outside the instructions of the manual are stepping outside the light of God. The bible calls this stepping outside the light of God sin.

Any man that lives on the planet earth knows that there is evil on this planet. All we have to do is switch on the television and we will see the reality of evil. Now in all religious system in the world evil is linked to darkness. Christianity is no different. Mankind makes the mistake to believe that darkness is only the big things, like murder and rape etc. Stealing is not such a big deal anymore, you can steal a pen from work and it will be laughed at and even justified. The truth of light has been watered down to an impression of light. What we have to understand is that darkness is darkness no mater in what form it appears, and so is light. Darkness will stay darkness even if we can justify it as not so bad in some way. We also have to remember that where there is light there can be no darkness at all.

It is clear from the analogy of light and darkness that any man that has darkness in his heart will not be able to step into the god whom is light. The same thing that happened to the darkness when we turned on the light in the dark room will happen to the man that enters the light of god. He and the darkness will be pushed away. We can see that no man in all of creation stands a chance to enter the light of God on his own merit, because every man in his life has stepped outside of the light of God. In other words: all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’ The question is how do we get rid of the darkness in our hearts so that we can enter into God’s light?

The only way we know of to get rid of sin is punishment. We apply the same principles in our justice system. The offender is punished by sending him to jail; once he is rehabilitated we let him go. He more serious crime gets a life sentence (ongoing punishment). With God the offence of darkness is punishable by what the man chose; if you chose darkness that is what you will get. The Bible calls this hell. The only escape from hell for mankind is to find transformation. We have to find a way to get rid of darkness. The answer to this is to have someone take our darkness on him and clearing our hearts. This someone taking our darkness will have to be punished. This punishment will in turn set us free to enter the light of God. The Lord Jesus Christ, without sin took on him the sin of all mankind and was punished for this darkness. He cried out: ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’
The darkness in him our darkness was pushed out of the light of God, The punishment for sin is separation from God, which is death.

This act of the transference of our sin to Christ is called by many names; it is called salvation, redemption, being set free and receiving the righteousness of God. It is also called being born again. Without being born again no man will enter the kingdom of heaven.