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Boone Carlyle Lost

Boone Carlyle was one of the original characters in ABC’s hit television show, Lost. Although his time on the show was short, he is still one of the most loved and well remembered characters. Played by Ian Somerhalder, Boone Carlyle appeared in a further eight episodes after his untimely death which was created as a central plot device in Lost’s storyline.

Out of all the Lost characters, Boone was the most lovable. There was a certain innocence to him. He often tried to play the tough guy, but underneath it all was a soft-hearted gentleman.

On the island, Boone seemed to constantly be fighting for acceptance. He wanted to be a hero and tried many things to achieve that status. Unfortunately, his attempts were often thwarted by lack of knowledge and experience. It was really only when he started to relax and be himself that people took him seriously.

The other thing he was known for was fighting with his spoiled step-sister, Shannon Rutherford. It seemed that she would do anything to get under his skin and her manipulative use of the other crash victims often infuriated him.

It wasn’t until later through flashbacks that we got to see why Shannon was such a huge problem for Boone. In the past, it transpired that she conned money out of him by faking an abusive relationship. Her plan was for Boone to pay her boyfriend a small fortune to break up with her, then she and her boyfriend would run away together. By the time Boone realised what she had done, it was too late.

Boone Carlyle’s trusting nature, along with his eargerness to help whenever he could were the traits that helped lead him to his death. After spending a lot of time with John Locke, Boone began to look up to him, accompanying him into the jungle to investigate the mysterious hatch and starting to believe Locke’s ideas about “listening to the island”.

After Locke had a dream about a small plane crashing on the island, Boone went with him to see if the plane really existed. Amazed that Locke’s dream was real, he followed instructions to climb up the cliffs into the plane to investigate. Sadly, the plane couldn’t take the shift in weight and plummeted to the ground, crushing Boone. He died shortly after. Locke claimed that Boone’s death was “a sacrifice the island needed to make” in order for them to progress. In some ways this was true, as it led to further exploration of the hatch which later helped to identify the Dharma Initiative.

Since his death, Boone has been seen several times, often in flashbacks and once as a hallucination seen by Locke. Each of his post death appearances in Lost has shown him to be the sweet, caring man he was in his short time on the island.

It’s just a shame we lost him so soon.