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Book of Shadows

Many practitioners of Wicca have their own special Magick book: The Book of Shadows. Although not all Wiccans use this type of book, it can still be beneficial to have one. Other practitioners call it as the magic journal, Witch’s notebook, and much more; yet, they all refer to the same Book.

It is very easy to make

Starting your own Wiccan Book of Shadows is easy: You just need a book/notebook for you to write on. Design the notebook in any way you want. Other practitioners of the Craft align the ornaments of their Book with their magical correspondence. Remember, Magick is an Art; hence, your sacred Book may be composed of anything (in fact, even an online Book will do) from the cheapest to the most expensive Book. It does not matter as long as the writings therein contain the true reflections of your heart.

Be completely honest – know thyself

You must never forget that your Book of Shadows must contain an honest reflection of your soul. It may include both your light and dark sides. Many people think of the Book of Shadows merely as a compilation of spells – and this view is wrong. Though a Book of Shadows naturally contains some list of spells and magical recipes of the Witch, yet, it is still much more than that. A true Book of Shadows serves as a mirror of the Magician’s soul. Hence, feel free to write your heart out. After all, everything, from the most diminutive atom up to the grandest multiverse (and beyond), is true Magick.

The rule: Other people are not allowed to touch your Book

Many practitioners make it as a strict rule that there is nobody else in the world that should read (or even touch) the said Book but only the owner himself/herself; while others do not mind at all. In fact, some even offer their magical Books to the public. There is no law regarding this matter. Hence, feel free to do whatever pleases you.

Important note: It is not a requirement

It is also important to note that writing a magical journal will not make you “more- of-a-Witch”. If you write your Book just because you have read somewhere that Witches write these Books, then you might want to reconsider your decision. You have this Book because you are happy to have it. You write your heart out because you want to do so. Note: There are great Wiccans and Magicians who have not even written even a single Book at all.

For many practitioners, having a Book of Shadows allows them to more easily view and record their spiritual development.  It allows them to “think outside the box” and view themselves from a different perspective, perhaps clearer. It is very helpful to them and they enjoy the experience.

Remember: It is an art

You can write in your book in any way you want (even draw if you want). You may write either in print or cursive. In fact, you may also use codes to ensure that no other people can understand what you have written. It is all up to you and it does not matter at all. Remember, it is your Book of Shadows; you own it.

Magick is an Art; and writing a Book of Shadows is also an art. Let your true Self guide you. Write the most honest whispers of your heart. You might want to cleanse your Book when you use it for the first time, but if your heart does not tell you to do so, then you are free not to. After all, the Book, no matter how great it has been written, still serves only as a mere reflection of your utmost Self. Burn the Book, and the Witch still lives.

Blessed be.