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Body and Soul Connected

What is the connection of our physical body to our other bodies, emotional, mental, etheric or intuitive and other bodies and to our ego and personality and overall to our soul? Are they separate entities so that the soul is having a spiritual experience in a body? Or is the body somehow uniquely part of the soul and attached to it in such a way that it mirrors the soul and is a barometer to its overall condition? Is our inner world our life as soul or is soul even deeper than our inner worlds and the inner world is really only the way we think and feel and perhaps dream as well? Is the barometer of the body showing us indirectly and so revealing the health and state of our immediate inner worlds of thought and feeling or does it also go deeper and reveals its actual connection to our soul by the very state and make up of our particular body? How does it all work and come together?

I’ve heard it said that absolutely everything that happens to us in our lives is somehow stored and reflected in our body for us to read if we only know how.

Even Osho the Indian guru and spiritual master acknowledged this connection:

“When you are saying that you are happy and you are not, there will be a disturbance in your breathing. Your breathing cannot be natural. It is impossible.”

– Osho

He’s saying that every state of your soul is reflected and brought down and out through your body. As the old saying goes as above so below, or as on the outside so on the inside.

….is this true then?

The truth in all this is a bit different than you first might suspect. Of course the soul takes on a body for its purpose of spiritual expression and experience in the lower worlds. The bodies it takes on are chosen by it to be a certain way and to have a certain strength of mind and a certain emotional makeup and even a certain physical type of body choosing also a male or female body type. All this is initially set up and established beforehand by soul before it incarnates into the body. So in effect it chooses what it needs to accomplish its goals while here. And so really if you want to know your purpose in this life go back to your childhood and see what type of body or emotional and mental make up you were born with and it is a pointer to why you came here in that way and why you chose that particular body/mind set up and it will help to reveal your purpose as it is linked to in indelibly. Since then though, your body, ego personality, minds conscious and subconscious and mental apparatus and emotional and other bodies have developed and changed.

How have they changed? This is another real clue and window into who you are now. If you are still aligned and similar to your initial makeup, but it has just grown and improved you can bet you are still acting and fulfilling yourself as soul. But if you don’t see this connection and notice some inconsistencies and incongruities between you as a child and you now, you will know that part of you has been changed, programmed and altered away from your original plans and goals of your soul. This can happen in two ways you as soul can change and grow in a different direction or you as soul are being systematically blocked from fulfilling your agenda by the other bodies or ego which are acting more on their own and this is from fear mainly. It is never cut and dried and both these ways are usually enmeshed together so that there is a bit of both ways happening at once in your life. So we are reminded of the old credo to “Know Thyself”.

Know thyself means to know yourself, all of yourself, from your physical body all the way up to you as soul. And each is a window into the other. So if your body breathes deeply or you take a big breath spontaneously, it means something to your soul as well and to your emotional body and to your mental body and to all parts of you. Nothing ever happens for no reason or in isolation by itself. So a deep breath could mean that your emotions are being squashed away and you need to release them more. It could mean that as you are thinking too much in the same patterned ways that you need to refresh your thinking with a fresh breeze blowing out the old thoughts. And it could mean for your soul that you just need to expand yourself to allow more of your soul and love to come through this opening that deep breathing creates. Deep breathing is like opening a window in your body. You become more alive as all parts of you take in more life and this happens as you are doing this because you have felt stifled by life before. Start by deep breathing and deepen your whole outlook on life. It will deepen your connections to each and every single part of you and it will enliven the connections and bring love through them all like a insuction of water to a vacuum. This then is really about love, and deep breathing allows you to feel a connection to love and to life and so love connects back to you as well and shows you its deepness. Everything goes both ways like this, all is connected. Everything is a barometer to everything else.