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Bloodstone in Magic and Healing

Heliotrope or bloodstone is a member of the chalcedony family. On Mohs scale of hardness, it is a seven. This stone can easily be distinguished from other green stones, such as aventurine, because of its dark, almost black, green color and the red flecks of jasper that are littered throughout it. Throughout the three thousand years it has been used in magic, bloodstone has been associated with not only healing, but also wealth, courage, and strength, among other things.

Babylonian warriors carried bloodstone into battle with them to give them strength to overcome their enemies. The Egyptians used bloodstone in rituals to break many different kinds of bonds. The Greeks gave it the name heliotrope meaning sun’ and turning’ because they believed that if this stone were immersed in water, it would turn the sun red. In the Middle Ages, this stone was revered by Christians because it was thought that the red specks were drops of the blood of Christ. It is also called the Martyr’s Stone.

However, this stone’s most famous use is to stop bleeding. This is why it has almost always been a warrior’s stone. It was thought that this stone, when pressed over an open wound on the battlefield, would magically stop the bleeding. It is unlikely that the stone itself stopped the bleeding of an open wound, though. It was more likely the pressure applied using the stone that caused this magical’ action. Among its other uses, bloodstone was thought to prevent miscarriage and was used during birth to ease labor pain.

Bloodstone a projective stone, meaning that it is an aggressive or outward stone. This promotes movement, lessens depression, and can deflect negativity from the body if worn in an amulet. It works well in spells dealing with legal matters, business, wealth, or victory. This stone also reacts favorably in spellwork dedicated to any agricultural endeavor.

This simple and relatively cheap stone has, for millennia, held the fascination of cultures throughout the world. It is or has been associated with a deity or martyr. It has been used magically to discourage miscarriage in women and then to ease childbirth; it is still used today to aid in healing many blood-borne diseases. Bloodstone truly is a stone for the ages.