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Blog Goals Organize Task Management Time Time Management WordPress self Improvement

We live in modern times, where opulent and prosperous countries have given us the resources to develop and emerge as an individual amongst the masses. We individuals are the number one source for consumption and often delude ourselves inside our materialistic prisons. Our luxurious little world has bought us many amenities, which in return traded the most privileged property of our human existence Time.’ This means of measurement has been the most undervalued possession of man. What we value today is the reality of things. We sacrifice time to interact with things that fulfill a fabricated need. We buy things that we don’t need, therefore wasting this irreversible resource. Time being an intrinsic part of our lives; it is the most expensive and a potent tool of life.

How can this means of measurement be used? First of all, time is an integral structure in the schematics of our universe. All living and non-living entities are affected by its principals. We need to realize that it is an unstoppable force no matter how much we try to manipulate it. It is always there, as we move parallel with it. Delphic Oracle once said “Know thyself,” as most of this world is indulged in activities of more outer than inner being, many individuals kill time by doing things in the pursuit of pleasure as a way of life and thus they lose the ability to know themselves. Why is one asked to know thyself? Because learning about oneself gives meaning to life. Knowing about your own capabilities and significance helps settle differences amongst the outer and the inner being, thus creating a magnificent synchronicity and a balance of life.

Time should be used here as a resource to develop oneself. It should be a great tool to measure progress in our personal development, in areas where we need improvement, contemplate and meditate during this time, search for answers and develop ambitiousness. The more we use time and development together, the more prosperity accumulates within and around our lives. For instance, if a woman decides she wants to learn another language, she should make a proper schedule and devote a part of her time in developing her new talent. Instead of watching TV shows, she should use her time wisely in more of these gifted talents. This is the ultimate usage of Time as a powerful resource.
There are more ways to learn and more paths to be taken. Even if we die, life goes on. So what is it that we’ve done in our lifetime that we can cherish and share to our future generations? Honestly, I want them to know that I lived on this planet and I want them to read the history of my existence, my accomplishments, my influences, my character and my goals. I have been able to find a decent way to express my thoughts and schedule my life online through the following resources:

WordPress.org – A private blog of personal thoughts and reflection

Lifetick.com – Management of Time and personal goals setting

Microsoft Outlook – Task management