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Biography Kangana Ranaut

My first glimpse of Kangana Ranaut was on TV. As clueless as I was, I honestly thought she was an Italian actress that perhaps is making some sort of special appearance for foreign movie category. She is unusual and refreshing, that was my very first mental statement. She just didn’t seem like another Bollywood dolls nor did she have a long, straight, luxurious, thick, jet black shining sheet of hair that cascaded down her shoulders and shimmied obediently when she turned to wink coyly at the camera. Kangana walked gracefully and I took notice of her nude skin and naturally curly hair. Everything about her screamed natural and for once natural beauty was getting the spotlight!

For the uninformed, Kangana Ranaut comes from the hill town of Manali in Himachal Pradesh. She did her schooling from Shimla. Coming from a science background, never in her wildest dreams Kangana thought that one day she would work in a film under a reputed banner in Bollywood. But she did harbor a dream of acting, a dream that brought her to Delhi where she learnt acting while doing theatre. Subsequently Kangana took another step and came to Mumbai to try her luck in films. Her lucky break did not come promptly. It happened in September 2005, when Kangana was drinking coffee with one of her friends at a caf in Mumbai. Filmmaker Anurag Basu, who had already directed a successful film, Murder, was keeping an open eye for the heroine of his next movie Gangster .It was there Basu spotted Kangana and called her for the audition. Despite the fact that Kangana is not from a film background and has no real acting experience, Basu decided to cast her in his film. The rest, as they say, is history.
Just within 2 years, she has begged 8 awards for her self worth. A very attractive ratio and 7/8 of the award comes from her movie Gangster. Kangana’s top 2 new movies include Life in AMetro and Dhaam Doom in Tamil. Dhaam Dhoom is a forthcoming Tamil film supposedly directed by Cinematographer, late Jeeva. The film stars Jayam Ravi and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles. On choosing Kangana Ranaut, the late director Jeeva has said, “She has the right expressions to fit in any character. I had short listed a few names before settling for Kangana. I have to look from the view of a cameraman too. On both counts, she was my spot on choice. In her ability to pick the language, Dhaam Dhoom should take her to glory in Kollywood”. Another reason for her to be all gaga about the film is that she has got a stupendous signing amount of Rs 75 lakhs which is astonishing considering the fact that she is only two films old. Also she will be getting a luxury car as a part of her payment. Here is one girl who knows how to make her choices right. But the passing of late Jeeva has left the actress stunned and the fate of the movie is yet to be determined though resources have revealed that 60% of the movie has already been completed and most likely would be continued by Jeyam Raja as the Cinematographer.
The victims that fall under microscopic eyes of critics and cameras are normally the newcomers. Most certainly, success is not achieved on the platter of gold. Even if you have the daring of Napoleon and the wit of Williams Shakespeare , the secret of success and fame are hard-work, perseverance and belief in yourself these herald celebrities and fame. The most important secret of success and fame is hard work. If there are any doubts about Kangana’s growing clout in the entertainment market, her latest triumph should put all questions to rest.
Kangana has been chosen by a leading international shoes company Red Tape to endorse their brand of footwear. So far the brand was endorsed by Salman Khan.
Says Kangana, “Until now they manufactured footwear only for men & Salman was their ambassador. The company is launching its female lineup with me. And that’s quite an honor, considering it’s my first endorsement.”
What made them choose her? “It was my casual looks, I guess. The brand isn’t associated with formal shoes. They want me to endorse their shoes in my jeans and with my curly hair. Very youth-oriented. And the fact that they expect my career to grow with their new female lineup of shoes makes the endorsement a bigger responsibility for me.” She recently shot spots for hoardings and magazines and will soon be doing a TV advertisement with Salman Khan for the brand. Impressive, lady!
Someone said “God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into the nest”. That is to say, birds of sky do work to obtain their daily bread.As long as Kangana keeps holding her head high and keeps her perseverance going I can very much bet the fame and money will keep rolling on her side.