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Biography Anna Nicole Smith

Vicky Lynn Hogan who later changed her name to Anna Nicole Smith, entered the world on the 28th November 1967 and grew up to be a sex symbol, model and television personality who was often ridiculed and generally made fun of because of her sometimes outrageous behaviour.

She was the only child of Daniel Eugene Hogan and Virgie Mae Tabers who divorced when she was two years old, she was raised by her mother and aunt. She was not a good student failing her freshman year she later gave up altogetherduring her sophomore year and went to work as waitress in a local fried cdicken restaurant.

It was in 1985 age seventeen whilst working as a waitress, she met William Wayne Smith, one year her junior and married for the first time.   That marriage lasted two years and produced a son, Daniel. They were separated for a further six years and finally eight years after the marriage they divorced in 1993. Anna, still moved with her one year old son Daniel to Huston in Texas.  After her separation she worked at various jobs to support herself and her son and in 1991 she began to take modelling and voice training lessons in an effort to improve her job prospects.

Also in 1991 she began to work as a striptease artist in a club called ‘Gigi’s.  That same year quite by accident she noticed an advertisement in ‘Playboy’ magazineinviting women who thought they had the potential to be interviewed to appear in the magazine. Anna responded and was eventually chosen by Hugh Hefner, owner of ‘Playboy’ magazine to appear on the cover wearing a very low cut and revealing evening dress.  She was an immediate hit and during the various interviews which followed she said that she would like to be thought of as the new Marilyn Monroe. It was at this juncture that she changed her name to Anna Nicole Smith.

Whilst working at Gigi’s she met the man who was to become her second husband, J. Howard Marshall II.  Howard Marshall was no ordinary citizen, he was an oil baron and a billionaire. Three years later Anna and J. Howard Marshall were man and wife.  She was 26 and he was 89 years old and sixty three years his junior and needless to say they made headline news. They were married for two years before his death and during their marriage he lavished many very expensive gifts on her, although those around who had a window on thier marriage describe her as an uncaring wife.

Their marriage was steeped in controversy and not too long after his death a battle for his billions ensued between Anna and Marshall’s son E. Pierce, a feud that would drag on for over ten years. After many legal twists and turns, a court awarded her an $88 million share of his fortune.  However, this was later overturned and eventually the matter reached the ears of the Bush administration and the solicitor General was asked to intercede on Anna’s behalf.

After waiting several months the court unanimously decided in her favour. However, the judgement did not go as far as giving her the right to a share of Marshall’s estate, but rather it gave her the right to pursue the matter in court. E. Pearce Marshall died age 67 years of what has been described as an aggressive infection before the matter could finally  be settled.  Upon his death the batton was passed to his widow  Elaine T. Marshall. 

Anna Nicole Smith’s career spanned sixteen years from 1991 to 2007. During that time she acted in films, modelled and had her own reality television show which some believed served only to further damage her reputation.  in 2006 she became pregnant but closely guarded the father’s identity, although there were three contenders, Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkenhead and the current husband of the actress Zag Zag Gabor.

That same year Anna’s on the 19th September 2006 her son Daniel dropped died in her hospital room whilst visiting in her to see his new baby sister Dannielynn.  His autopsy  indicated that his death was due to the taking of a lethal cocktail of drugs. Because of the circumstances of his death, Daniel’s funeral was delayed by almost six weeks and eventually he was buried on the Caribbean island of New Providence on the 19th October 2006.  Daniel was her whole life and his death impacted heavily on her life. It was reported by an eye witness who attended the funeral that in her grief she tried to climb into Daniel’s coffin, saying that if he was going down she wanted to go with him.

Approximately six months after Daniel’s death Anna Nicole age 39 years was also dead from a lethal cocktail mix of drugs. Ultimately her death was ruled as accidental and her greatest wish was to be buried in the Bahamas beside her beloved son Daniel.

Anna left behind a baby girl, Dannilyn who after much claim and counter claim which floated back and forth between stern and Birkenhead regarding her blood father, a Bahamian judge gave custody to Birkenhead after receiving DNA test results which pointed 99.99% towards Birkenhead being the father.  Dannielynn was finally handed over to Larry Birkenhead who immediately applied to have her birth certificate and records changed, naming himself the father and no doubt heir to Anna Nicol’s fortune.

Anna’s life was full of controversy, court claims and counter claims, in life as in death her whole existence was played out in full public view. Even today the controversy rolls on, because the settlement of her Anna Nicole’s interest in J. Howard Marshall estate has now been passed on to her baby daughter which has yet to be finally settled.  There seems to be no immediate end in sight as the battle saga rolls on.