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Biographies Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is best known for his role as Jack Bauer on Fox’s ’24,’ but what you don’t know is he is actually English and Canadian. Sutherland was born in London in 1966 and got his first film role in 1983. His father Donald Sutherland was in the same film, called ‘Max Dugan Returns.’

Sutherland’s parents Donald and Shirley are both very successful Canadian actors. Unfortunately his parents divorced in 1972 and at the time his family lived in Corona, California. In 1975 ,Sutherland moved with his mother to Toronto, he attended five different high schools, St. Andrew’s College, Martingrove Collegiate Institute, Harbord Collegiate Institute, Silverthorn Collegiate Institute, Malvern Collegiate Institute and Annex Village campus.

While Sutherland has an intensive background in his acting career, his personal life is another story. He was married to Camelia Kath, while there marriage was short-term (they divorced in 1990), they had one child together a girl, Sarah.  

When he started filming Flatliners, he met a new love ,Julia Roberts.  They were engaged for a brief time before Roberts broke the engagement three days before for the wedding. Roberts claimed she broke it off because Sutherland was meeting with a stripper named Amanda Rice. Sutherland denies this, he says they were just pool friends. On the other hand, Sutherland claims Roberts ran off to Europe with Jason Patric, a close friend to him.

Sutherland gave up on love for awhile; he didn’t get married again until 1996, to model Kelly Winn. They were also together for a short while; they separated in 1999 and filed for divorce in 2004.

Ironworks is an independent record label created to attract young artist. Sutherland and Jude Cole opened Ironworks in 2004. The first band they signed is Rocco DeLuca and the Burden. It is located in the bohemian side of Los Angles – Silver Lake. Young hipsters live there as well as many musicians.

Sutherland’s hobbies include guitar collecting, college football, and painting. His guitar collection includes Gibson Les Pauls, and custom ones as well. He is a huge fan of the USC Trojans and recorded a birthday message for Coach Pete Carroll for his 56th birthday. While football might be one of his favorite sports, it got him in trouble when he lost a bet with a friend during England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens 2010 playoff game. He was forced to wear a dress on the Late Show with David Letterman. Sutherland would also paint album art for an acoustic series released by the WNNX radio station.

2004 was the start of Sutherland’s legal problems. During that year, he did poorly on a sobriety test. He got charged with a DUI in 2007 when he failed the state’s blood alcohol limit, he pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 48 days in jail. He also head-butted Jack McCollough in 2009 during a fundraiser in New York and turned himself into the police. The NYPD later dropped the charges when McCollough and Sutherland issued a joint statement whereby Sutherland then apologized for his actions.

In 2010, Sutherland was involved with a financial scam. Michael Wayne Carr, took over 800k from Sutherland to purchase cattle. Carr never purchased the cattle, he plead guilty and was ordered to pay over 900k to Sutherland and his investment partner. 

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