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Bible Swearing in Ceremonies – Yes

I believe the Bible should be used for swearing-in ceremonies and in courtrooms. The Bible has always been a Sacred Book, which at one time, commanded respect from people. Courtroom witnesses were instructed to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God” while placing their hand on the Bible. Usually, this helped compel the person to be truthful.

Over time, however, people have lost their reverence for God’s word. People are becoming more evil on a daily basis. Just read any newspaper or watch the news on television if you’re unsure about this.

Many people will cite Jefferson’s letter and the separation of church and state as the reason to discontinue the practice of using a Bible for ceremonies. However, I say that we should read Thomas Jefferson’s letter first. In that letter, he never says that church and state should be separate; he only says that state (or government or establishment) should not create or prohibit religious (church) preferences. There is a difference and I urge you to read the actual letter itself (referenced below).

A Bible signifies an item of extreme importance and should command respect and awe from the readers. Similarly, this same Bible used for ceremonies and courtrooms should command respect for the judge and other authorities within that courtroom.

Consider a courtroom with no order, no respect, no care about the outcome and you may very well have a courtroom of today in the United States.

Consider this same courtroom when a Bible is not just used in ceremonies, but it’s importance is explained. The values and morals that we can (and should) learn from the Bible could lead us to strive to live a life at a higher standard. Using the Bible as a means of showing respect could allow people to understand the importance of life, respect others’ property, and perhaps lessen the number of people in prisons around the country.

The United States was founded on Biblical principles as set out by the Word of God. If we would bring those principles back into our lives, courtrooms, and ceremonies, we have the potential of changing our country into one that respects morals and values.

A Bible isn’t merely a book. It’s the inspired Word of God, useful for teaching and correcting. If each person would look at its 788,258 words, we would learn about those values that have life-changing possibilities.

So let’s continue to use the Bible in courtrooms and swearing-in ceremonies. Let’s bring back the truths found within and apply those truths to our daily lives. Let’s live for the good of God and our country.

Read the Bible. It’s relevant and extremely important.