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Bible Study Wrong or right Judgement

I’m not familiar with writing articles, and so I expect this one to be off. However, I’ll give it a shot anyway. What harm could come from it? For all I know, this could prove to be useful and show me that I should consider writing more than just poetry. Anyway, onto the actual article…

I’ve noticed, as I’m sure a lot of people have, that as of late many Christians have taken the word of God and twisted it’s meaning into whatever they want. Now, the last time I checked, I’m pretty sure the Bible itself states what is right and what is wrong, pretty clearly too (Ten Commandments, anyone?). Sure, people can argue that – Oh, wait, no they can’t, never mind.

The closest thing to an argument that any of them have presented so far was a very simple, half-thought excuse to do whatever they want. I believe it was, “The Bible does not tell us how to live our daily lives, because it is old, outdated, and can only instruct those who were alive 2000 years ago.” They didn’t say it quite as intelligent, I’m sure, but that was it in a nutshell.

Yes, it’s a lot easier to just sit there and say something as simple-minded as that. But, if they really wanted simple, they could always quit calling themselves Christians and just follow the world. Oh, wait, too late, they’re already well underway with that idea.

Before anyone throws that whole ‘Do not judge’ crap at me, let me make one thing perfectly clear right now. It’s not even judging people, it’s stating the pretty obvious FACT that you can, and SHOULD, live your life according to the Bible. No matter who you are, where you are, or what era of time you’re in, the Bible is the one true guide to living a meaningful life, with the reward of Heaven at the end.

Since I just mentioned Heaven, let me also state something that a lot of people overlook, while they spend all their energy and time into condemning eachother to Hell. Every last human being on the face of this planet sins, there are NO exceptions. If you really want to condemn a specific sinner, then just start with yourself, and keep condemning yourself until you’ve learned that you are only as perfect as the person next to you. Really, everyone should know this bit, it’s pretty simple. None of us deserve eternal joy, but we earn it through forgiveness.

By the way, sins can only be found within the Bible, not the opinion of some random guy at church. I’m not saying don’t listen to people at church, I’m just saying don’t take what you hear there as fact. Let’s look at the large amount of churchs that are now allowing gay marriages to take place. Do I hold something against homosexuals? Absolutely not. Do I support them, however? Again, absolutely not. There are many churches that not only accept sinners these days, but give them their full support. It’s rather ridiculous, and I pray to God they finally open their eyes and realize they are destroying the very foundations of Christianity each and every single time they do this.

See, there is a MAJOR difference between accepting someone for who they are (Whether you’re religious or not), and given them your support. I think too many Christians these days focus a little too hard on the world, and a little too little on the Bible. I’m not sure I can say it any clearer, the Bible is the one true way to living a meaningful life and having it pay off in the end. You guys can’t continue taking it and using it whatever way you want, you have to use it through and through, without allowing exceptions to the Word of God whenever you see fit. Because, to be blunt, you do nothing but make an idiot out of yourself and give Christianity a really wrong image in the process.

As a final note, just remember one thing, as I stated earlier. We are all sinners, and we all can have access to the Kingdom of Heaven through our Lord and Saviour. We shouldn’t condemn others, but rather make sure our fellow Christians remain on the right path. That includes NOT supporting their sinful ways. If we truly want them, along with ourselves, to ever see the Kingdom of Heaven someday, that is. Whether you choose to the right or wrong path, may God bless you all anyway.