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Bible Study of the Literal Manna from Heaven of John 6

The words of the Son of God in John 6 do not support ‘sacramental symbolism’ because he meant them literally – well, more literally than the partaking of a small wafer and sip of wine.

The literal is being used to support the symbolic and we are supposed to be satisfied with the exchange although it makes not one iota of difference whereas the meaning in John 6 should take us into the spiritual realms, so that we too can experience very presence of God Himself.

For instance, the Son of God said that where two or more were gathered in his name, he would be there. Yet this doesn’t happen. So we’re told to have ‘blind’ faith that it is so, even if we don’t experience or see him. A faith based on the Bible and on truth is not meant to be blind. I know this because I have personally experienced the supernatural spirituality of God, the Bible, and His Word.

We’re only told to believe in blind faith, so that we don’t question what our experts are telling us. Yet what they say, negates the truth of what the Son himself said, which was that he would be there!

I propose an experiment (and I won’t go into the Intelligent Design argument here). I propose that we put a number of Christians, who believe in blind faith, in Jesus Christ and in the sacredness of the wine and wafer communion against a group of people who worship only God the Father, believe in Yeshua the Messiah, who eat his flesh and drink his blood – and compare their spiritual experiences. Let’s see exactly where the Son of Man is present.

Of course, the result might seem to be judged subjectively. So let’s put it to the real test.

Let’s see if it is the ‘symbolic sacrament’ group who can prophesy and/or fulfill Biblical prophecy? Or if it will be the ‘literal Manna’ group.

I am of the latter group and I have already fulfilled Biblical prophecy in that I have ‘heard, and learned from the Father'(John 6:45)and have come where no man could lead me, but God – and that is to Yeshua the Messiah, His Son.

I know that my name was written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, because I will not marvel when I see the ‘Beast that was, is not and yet who shall be present’, (Revelation 17:8)because I know that the next Pope will appear to be ‘Jesus Christ at his second coming’ yet the rest of the world will marvel at this seeming miracle.

How do I know this? Simple – it’s in the Bible. Can you see it? No? Then you do not have the ‘eyes to see’. But hope is not yet lost for you – you may yet still find this same spiritual eyesight.

All my articles are based on what God the Almighty has taught me through His Word and they are all the ‘fruits’ (Luke 6:44) of a more literal Manna from Heaven interpretation of John 6.