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Bible Studies for Kids Compassion

How can we teach the principle of compassion to a child according to what the Bible teaches?  Jesus is our prime example of compassion. The Bible recounts many examples of God’s love, mercy,grace and compassion towards us. Through these teachings, it is clearly conveyed that love is the  foundation of compassion.  The Bible instructs us in the book of John3:16  “For God so loved the world , that he gave his one and only son, so,that who so ever believes in him, shall not perish but have eternal life”. God demonstrated his love and mercy for us and made the ultimate sacrifice for  who ever believed in him. Now, that’s clearly a demonstration of God’s love. An example of compassion is demonstrated in this merciful act of sacrificing his one and only son, Jesus Christ.

A compassionate person would  demonstrate a feeling of sympathy and mercy towards those that they love.. Our compassion should be demonstrated in our love for one another, just as God demonstrated his love for those that believed in him. God is not required to show us compassion. Compassion is bestowed upon us, because God loves us and wants what is best for us. Compassion is demonstrated in his merciful, gracious acts. 

Grace is defined as the unmerited, abundant gift of “love” to mankind. This love or gift is particularly made effective in Jesus Christ for the  Christian. The ultimate sacrifice.

The concept of compassion is easily understood, once the examples of love in the scriptures are explained to children. God is love. Most children instinctively understand that their parents love them. The book of Psalms 103:13 illustrates this example and praise  for the Lords mercies.Psalms 103 reminds God’s children of all of the times he has shown compassion and mercy towards his children.Remember, “For God so loved the world”. 

God is slow to anger and abounds in mercy for his children. God is continually forgiving and merciful towards his children, even though they may not be deserving of God’s grace and compassion.. God’s grace is also a component of his love and mercy for us. 

Most Biblical scriptures constantly reference love or Jesus Christ. One might conclude that they are one in the same. A child, might conclude in reading the book of John and other books of the Bible that reference love, that love leads to compassion.