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Bible Storiesesther

Long, long ago, a young Jewish woman named Esther was taken far away from her home. All that was familiar and special to her was gone. She did not have her Mom or her Dad to help her decide things. She was almost all alone. She had only an uncle by the name of Moedecai who she knew and trusted. She also had her faith and belief in God to get her through.She never lost her hope or gave up her beliefs.

The Queen in this far away land was named Vashti. She became very upset with the King and refused to appear before him when she was told she must. This made the King vey angry, and he decided with his special helpers that he would banish the queen,which meant to make her go vey far away and never come back. After this was done, he began to realize that although he had gotten rid of that Queen, he now had no Queen to help him and be with him. This upset him very much, and it was decided that he should start looking for a new Queen.

Esther was one of the young woman who was told that she should be ready to go see the King. This frightened her somewhat, because she was not one to put herself forward, but she did as she was told. She was so beautiful that they did not put make-up or perfume on her before she went. The King was very impressed with Esther, and decided that she should be his next Queen. Esther, the young, Jewish woman was now the Queen. She and the King loved each other very much and were very happy.

All was not well in the Kingdom, though. A very proud, bad man name Haman, decided that he needed to have a more important part in the Kingdom. He was very angry because Esther’s uncle, Mordecai, would not bow to him when he passed by the gates of the castle. Mordecai was Jewish and believed that he should only bow down to God. Haman decided he needed to get rid of Mordecai so that eveyone passing him would realize how great he was and bow to him. He began to plot and scheme how he could kill Mordecai.

God was watching over Mordecai,however and He would not let anything happen to a man who loved and worshipped Him so openly. That night, the king could not sleep, and read in an book about how Mordecai had saved his life, by telling about some bad men who wanted to kill him. The next day, Haman came to see the King. The King asked him “what should be done to the man whom the King wished to honor.” Haman of course, thought the King meant him, but he really meant Mordecai. When he described what he thought, the King told him to do it all for Mordecai. Haman was very, very angry.

He decided that since Mordecai was Jewish, he would wipe out all the Jewish people. He got the King, who did not know that Esther was Jewish, to sign a papaer saying all the Jews could be killed. Mordecai heard about this and decided to do something about it.

Mordecai came and told Esther she should tell the King who she was. She was vey frightened, but Mordecai reminded her that God had chosen her, and she would be killed, too. She risked her life, but went before the KIng and after some dinner parties, with Haman sitting there, told the King.The King allowed the Jews to defend themselves and he has Haman put to death. God had shown his live and concern for His people once again.

We can learn an important lesson from this. If we follow what God has told us, He goes with us and protects us.