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Bible Relavant not out Dated Allusion – No

Really, this is a ridiculous debate. Is the Bible outdated? Well, yes and no? Is it relevant? Well yes and no. It’s certainly relevant if you subscribe to the religion, and it’s also relevant should you care to allude to particular stories within in order to make a point. Samson’s hair, Cain and Abel, Eve, Judith-if you’re in the know the mere mention of these names can carry a thousand words. For a scholar, an English student especially, the Bible is still relevant because so many of our great writers make such allusions, and if we thought the Bible irrelevant, then we would miss out on hidden gems within many great stories. Tolkien has touched the heart of many a person, and stole, or “alluded” all the way through, to the Bible. T. S. Elliot, every step of the way.

There are certainly aspects in the Bible that many would consider “outdated.” Even the Catholic church has been willing to bend the rules here and there based on the contemporary opinion, and perhaps this is as it should be. If in Leviticus we are told to kill the gays, and a few lines later told to kill all those that wolrk on Sunday, we might find it a bit “outdated,” but remembering that this was written (by some hand) thousands of years ago, it holds up pretty well. In the United States in 2009 we are only a blink away from slavery and have a black president, but gays are still taking the short end of the stick, so the Bible is still damn relevant. We work on Sundays and eat our lobster (again, a Leviticus taboo) but continue to uphold beliefs ingrainged in us, and that is what the Bible is about – a book filled with ancient beliefs, some of those beliefs were ancient at the time that they were being written down, so some of it still holds true because of the universality of the concepts. Other philosophies and dogmas are certainly outdated. The danger is in blindly adhering to the mandate of a third party. That is what Christians are asked to do, but is it what Abraham was asked to do? If you understand my last sentence, then the Bible is absolutely still relevant, and not outdated.

I am not gay, nor am I a Christian, and I am not for or against Christianity in general, but I do urge believers and nonbelivers alike to think for themselves, and accept the fact that whether or not the Christian God is real, the Bible has been widespread enough that it would behoove any serious thinker or reader to familiarize themself with the stories and ideas therein. Of course the Bible is relavant. Of course it is irrelevant. Of course the Bible is outdated, and of course the Bible is progressive.