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Best Sports Movies of all Time Bull Durham Major League Field of Dreams Denzel

Sports movies are attractive to a specific genre. Guys who are athletes or want to be populate theaters. Most sports films have a cookie cutter theme: macho guys, easy women and lude behavior. However, some displayed a more “human element” or a more defined meaning. Here are a list of the best sports movies of audiences to see.


The late 1980s cult classic featured a young, Kevin Costner and thirty-something “cougar”, Susan Sarandon. Costner was a baseball player struggling in the minors. Sarandon was his sex interest. This flick started a trend where athletes were pursued by sexually aggressive women.


This movie portrayed the hapless, Cleveland Indians franchise. Their goal was to reach the American League postseason. Their main enemy happened to be a female witch of an owner. Blonde, brassy and loud, she threatened to fire the manager if his team failed in their playoff goal.

The team consisted of an aging, veteran pitcher, a Haiti slugger who used voodoo, a four-eyed closer with a high 90s fastball and pint-size speedster named Willie Mays Hays. This cast of characters couldn’t succeed in Pop Warner.

Major League had a popular cast of actors, which included Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen and Wesley Snipes. Sheen later starred with Kristy Swanson in The Chase. He was also nominated for an Emmy for CBS’s hit comedy, Two and a Half Men. Bernsen earned recognition for starring in the primetime drama, L.A. Law. Snipes became an action hero in a series of high-power films, like Murder at 1600, Passenger 57, the Blade Trilogy, Art of War I and II and U.S. Marshals. His most memorable role was being drug lord, Nino Brown in the 1991 crime/drama, New Jack City.


For the first time, Hollywood got enamored with Iowa. This movie also starred Kevin Costner. Field of Dream was its namesake. Costner had a vision of a baseball team long gone emerging from a cornfield.

“If you build it, they will come.” That line was the greatest phrase in movie history.

Costner’s character created a baseball diamond out of a cornfield. It was all done to reunite with memories of a dead father. Dyersville, Iowa earned a permanent place in film history. Hollywood came back to the state. This time, director, Clint Eastwood created “The Bridges of Madison County”. Unfortunately, a helicopter crashed killed two people during filming. Eastwood’s movie received an Oscar nomination for Best Film.


Sometimes, the best sports movies put the sports theme to the back. Denzel Washington’s portrayal of a black, high school coach in Texas made Remember the Titans more than about sports. His character reunited a racially-divided town during 1970. Washington’s character became a social activist without all the rhetoric and “We Shall Overcome” hymns. He taught three important things to his young athletes: accountability, character and teamwork.

While their community was tearing apart, his character kept the team together. They overcame their ethnic and culture differences and became a family of MEN.

There are dozens of sports movies that never made the list. The Natural, Gridiron Gang, The Longest Yard: original and 2007 version are just some of them. In my opinion, what I wrote are the best ever. Check them out and prove me wrong!