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Benefits of Herbal Treatments

There is a wide array of benefits of Ayurvedic medicine which are achieved via psychosomatic integration. After consumption of Ayurvedic medicines, the body undergoes thorough panchakarma, a physical purification mechanism. This greatly improves the spiritual, mental, physical and health being of an individual thereby creating a holistic health approach. The healing approach of Ayurvedic medicine entails the use of herbal health remedies with the intention of building a healthy environment and society. This is because the treatment approach revolves around the concept that energy and matter are one. This holistic health approach is rooted to ancient Indians that successfully used it over 8000 years ago.

The benefits of Ayurvedic medicine are obtained when there is an integration and balance of the body, spirit and mind. This is in contrast to the conventional treatment method which focuses on healing individual symptoms rather than the whole body. The Ayurvedic approach is believed to balance dosha. Dosha comprises of three vital energies known as pitta, vatha, and kapha. These energies curb illnesses and promote the wellbeing of an individual. When there is an imbalance of these energies, chances are that an individual will develop health related conditions. However, the balance is attained after the body is purified using herbal remedies.

The energies are balanced through the use of Ayurvedic based activities such as yoga, massage, breathing exercises and meditation. These three energies also portray the personality and physical characteristic traits of an individual. The pitta energy controls the digestion and hormonal functions therefore ensures the right body temperatures and emotional reactions are emanated. The vatha energy controls the excretory functions, breathing and heart rate. This protects individuals from developing skin related ailments. The kapha energy boosts the immune system thereby curbing diabetes, kidney failure, cancer and other conditions.

The benefits of Ayurvedic medicine also include relaxing an individual by relieving tension and stress related factors. Additionally, it helps individuals to be well-informed about life, good diet and the effects of poor feeding habits. Also, the Ayurvedic treatment approach uses natural products therefore has minimal side effects if any, unlike the conventional treatment method which introduces chemicals into the body. This may result to adverse side effects that can incapacitate the normal life and functioning of an individual. Furthermore, Ayurvedic herbal medicines are easily accessed and sold at affordable prices. However, before using the treatment it is advisable to seek medical guidance for effective results.


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