You are without a car, without a job and you’ve had your heart broken. You are struggling with addiction, inner peace and the ability to fall in love again. You take a step outside of your own sunken sorrow for just a moment, and notice that you need to snap out of it. You will find you need to have faith, hope, and love even in the hardest of your times. You may not realize the reason during that moment. Soon enough, however, if you open up your mind and heart for at least one second, you will learn that everything really does happen for a reason.

We all get so trapped within our own lives, and everyday God is trying to show us signs of how we need to be more open minded, more thankful. It was a beautiful day outside, and all I could do was tear up about my own life. I looked outside my car window to see a man with no legs walking on the street. This amazed me; he was smiling and walking with no legs! I tried to live the rest of my day more thankful. One week later, I was at the gym working out, again trapped in my own negative outcomes of the day thus far, and I see this young good looking gentleman in a wheelchair, smiling. I teared up because I felt so guilty for being so trapped in my own negative thoughts, when this guy cannot even walk around, and still has a smile on his face.

Most of us strive to be better, more thoughtful people. Some of us ask for guidance and may feel like our prayers are not being answered. Maybe even the strong man without legs outside of my car window or the gentleman in the wheelchair does not understand their purpose, but each one changed my thought process for the day. Each one of those men is now trapped in my memory, and I remember them every time I have a negative thought. I have prayed for God to show me why certain things are happening in my life the way they are happening, and to help me to become more open minded. I believe he is answering my prayers everyday and is answering your prayers too; maybe we are just not opening up our hearts to see it. Our world needs to open up our hearts and truly believe that everything really does happen for a reason, even though we may not always understand it.