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Be a Kid Agin Party for Adults

This is an adult party with a great twist. The guests will all be adults, preferably couples, but the party theme is designed for children. Don’t turn your nose up at this idea saying it is ridiculous until you have actually tried it. The amount of fun your guests will have is amazing. This be a kid again party is a wonderful stress reliever, especially in these uncertain economic times.
Send out invitations inviting the other children to come to your house to play at the appointed time. Tell them to leave their adult persona’s and troubles at home. They may only bring their childish selves. These invitations could be made on the computer or by hand using childlike drawings for the front. The instructions could read that each guest must dress up as a child about aged 6 to 10 as they might have dressed in an era past. You can let the age and era to the discretion of the guest or assign one. Men will be boys and ladies will dress as little girls. This party is supposed to be fun, not questionable.

I feel this is the perfect theme for bright colors. You can stick to the primary colors or a whole riot of colors as long as they are pleasing to the eye and cheerful. This may be the perfect party for using up all those party goods odds and ends. The green St. Patrick’s Day balloons can be paired with your Valentines Day napkins, and the orange Halloween streamers. Every kid loves color, use it lavishly. No rules, just fun.

Costumes are crucial to the fun. Short skirts, bloomers, big bows for the ladies, and Mary Jane shoes, men should wear short pants, striped tees, suspenders, and baseball caps backwards are all appropriate. I can also recommend the advantage of gals wearing a bow on their bloomers (it adds a whole other dimension to the costume.)

When guests arrive get into character. Act bashful and shy, and hand your guests an all day lollipop. Don’t forget to warn them not to get any on the furniture or your mommy will scold you.

Announce that since this is your house, you get to pick the games, but your mommy said you must share so start to get out the toys. You will need Lego’s, as many as possible, bubbles, children’s books, toy cars, dolls and bears with clothes for starters.

Get everyone seated in a circle on the floor and throw the Lego’s in a large pile in the center. Tell your guests when you blow the whistle or some other signal, they must begin to build they can’t hog all the Lego’s and they must be given a time limit like 15 minutes. You can do this in couple or teams. The best creation wins. Prize for the best architect- a pail and shovel.

Once everyone is getting into the spirit of things, try the bubble blowing. This is probably best as an individual competition. Prizes need to be awarded for the largest bubble, the one that drifts the farthest, the best multiple bubbles, or ones inside of other ones etc. You can use a variety of blowers, everyone taking their turn. The best bubble blowers prize- what else, but a giant pack of bubble gum.

Matchbox and Hot wheels are brought out as race time draws near. Get someone to stand at the front on a cleared area to be the flagman. The guests form two teams. Men against the women drivers may be a fun idea. The two team members race their cars. These preliminaries are the heat races. First to push their car cross the finish line goes on to race again. Keep matching up the winners until the last couple. A plastic trophy would be fun.

Next we have the battle of the sexes on another front. Each guest must have a life size doll or bear. Each doll or bear should have a cloth diaper and pins, a dress and a bonnet. Everyone sits in a circle, with their babies some distance behind them. The dolls and bears are not dressed, but their clothes are next to them. When a signal is given, guests must jump up and go get their babies and their clothes, come back to the circle and immediately dress them. First dressed can win, best dressed baby, etc. can come in second. It is fun to watch grown men take up this challenge, but everyone has fun with this activity.

Story time should be next since guests will soon be too sleepy and you still have refreshments to serve. The best books for this are silly stories like Dr. Seuss where everyone can stumble over the words and no one makes sense. Each person takes their turn reading, little children voices are required and the best reader could get a Golden Book of their own to take home. While everyone is settled down and you’re in the circle add a song complete with motions like Itsy Bitsy Spider and that should be the end to a perfect evening, except for the food.

Want to add another element to the party? Assign each guest one annoying trait and ask them to keep it up all throughout the party. Ideas could include sniffling and wiping it on their sleeve, acting as though they need to go potty right now, whining, crying, always asking why, tugging on everyone’s skirt or pants leg, bouncing all the time, giggling, yelling, I want my mommy, etc.

Refreshments are easy ice cream and cake or cupcakes, candy, and soda pop with noisy straws. Snack foods you remember from childhood could be added like gummy candy, marshmallow peanuts and tootsie pops.

Leave your cares behind and relive your childhood, you and all your guests will surely enjoy themselves.

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