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Astrology how to Recognize a Cancerian

Those who posses the feminine Cancer astrological sign contain many attributes that make them whole as an individual. This sign is the fourth in the Zodiac and ruled by the moon. These individuals would have a birthdate that falls between June 21st and July 22nd. They combine a love of traveling, yet are very rooted and still desire a sense of security.

Cancers tend to surround themselves with keepsakes of importance and sentimental value, this being why they tend to hang onto things for the span of years. Many have a deep regard for those they care for and hold at a high level of importance. Cancerians are very good at accumulating things of sentimental value, while being organized at the same time. 

The symbol for Cancer is the crab, which is a creature with a hard shell which protects a soft interior, much like those who are assigned the Cancer Zodiac emblem. They’re tough and thick-skinned on the outside, but are soft, warm and nurturing on the inside. The crab walks sideways, which is how the Cancerian typically darts around an issue or task until forced to take it on with full-force determination with a creative edge.

The crab’s large claws are used to hang onto its possession with an iron grip, just as Cancerians are nesters in the way of collecting artifacts to beautify their surroundings for enjoyment and a sense of well-being. The element of a Cancer is water, which harmonizes well with the crab. They find it crucial to be at peace as often as possible, and endure serenity. This is seen in their ability to be excellent peace-makers.

Cancers ideally make great business associates as well, combining an artistic and creative flair for their projects, as well as maintaining exceptional financial and negotiation skills. They’re good with money, but also feel the need to be lavish at times. They also enjoy a challenge and have superior marketing skills. They try to avoid confrontation when necessary, and won’t shy away from it when a loved one is threatened.

One of the greatest strengths of Cancers is that they’re very quick to protect offspring and other loved ones. In keeping with the nurturing aspect of being a Cancer, these individuals tend to be great with food and how to use it sparingly. They love using food to bring people together and always enjoy a friend’s company, which makes Cancers a true delight to be around.