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Assessing the value of Life

Immediately following birth, each human being is granted an immediate gift, the gift of life. The concrete meaning of life is a philosophical theory that can be varied on a long scale of differentiable.

The most pessimists of people see life as a period of useless suffering. Are we just a slave to money throughout our time? Money consumes our everything, and makes up our every sense and action. Without money comes stupidity, and those with the most money are granted infinite levels of intelligence. Is it because we must buy intelligence? Money, to some, is an anarchist controller of life.

Are we just a pool of mindless robotic figures maneuvering our way through life as if every aspect of the world is out of our control? Is life just an aspect of religious factors? Some might tell you that the religious creator is like the powerhouse to life. We’re all put down here for a reason, and HE-whoever He might be- guides us unconsciously to complete His task, and once we are finished, we are returned to His kingdom.

What does it mean to live? Is the person who is sentenced to life in prison at the age of 21 because they murdered their parents classified the same as the genius who won a noble piece prize and developed a cure for cancer? Lives are measured by goodness, for when somebody dies, you commonly hear the phrases “He lived a good life,” or “She had such a tough life.”

Life is all about anticipation. When you were still inside your mother’s womb, the world was anticipating the arrival of you into their lives. Major events in life, such as the first day of kindergarten, high school graduation, getting married, having children, starting a new job and retiring bring on overflowing feelings of anticipation. One awaits the time, and prepares themselves for it. The last anticipation life brings us, is the awaiting of death. The natural way of dieing causes much anticipation among others, because the death is usually predictable.

All in all, who cares about what the true meaning of life is? The world dates back to billions of years ago, and a lucky human experiences a so-called life for about 90 of those. Is “life” just a trial run for what lays before us after we leave the earth?