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Assessing the Decline of Quality Family Oriented Television Series

I remember fondly my childhood days. The best viewing times on television were the family sitcoms; which constituted of decent family viewing ; where at the end of the thirty minutes you had learnt a valuable life lesson from watching them. Today, unfortunately there is more hogwash on TV than anywhere else. Some of the programmes are pornographic in nature , and are on viewing time when there is children around to watch it as well. Gone are the days when there was an age restriction for movies with vulgar language and adult content. The age restrictions have gone right down these days. Society was more conservative about fifteen years ago, but we should still shelter our kids from all the adult content out there.

 Most of the content can be of an adult nature, and there is also a long of back-stabbing, and lying going on behind people’s back. These shows have also been given family viewing slots. What values are we as parents teaching our kids? We are watching these distasteful programs with the children and parents are indirectly telling their children that it is okay to lie, cheat and gossip about other people behind their backs to get where you want to in life.

There are also loads of channels to choose from today with the advent of cable and digital satellite viewing. We can virtually pick up programmes from other countries as well. It is up to parents to choose good, decent and family viewing, where kids can actually learn something. Life has become so fast paced these days that parents are highly unaware of the content of programmes on television. Children are being exposed to twenty-four hour pornographic channels, erotica and adult movies.

The talk shows today like Ricki Lake, Jerry Springer and just a few to date are quite explicit and vulgar in nature. There are ill mannered people who scream and fight and swear at each other, in the end only to resort to physical violence. These shows feature prostitutes, teenage pregnancies, relationships where partners are cheating, and criminals who have even been convicted of murder. Drug addicts are also commonly featured. Children are being exposed to all these things, and it is there very open on the television. They most probably think that this type of viewing is normal. There are some decent talk shows , where the emphasis is more on helping people, and not just making a mockery of their situation. These shows are quite few in number today, and are fast declining.

Hopefully, families will begin to realize the destruction that most of the television programs have on youngsters today, and people make more of an effort to spend family time by doing other activities.