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Are your Colleagues your Friends

Friends are valuable in our life and we need them for various reasons. You may need them when you get in trouble but you also want a friend to make fun with and certainly for a good conversation. It is possible you can have some colleagues as friends, but you may encounter many problems because you meet them at work and spend a lot of time together. It is possible you like them and you can work together very well, but this will not automatically lead to a real and valuable friendship.

Good teamwork and communication through the working hours may seem the start of a valuable friendship, but you still have to be careful before you consider some of colleagues as your friends. Most conversations are related to work issues and declares only a good understanding between you and your colleagues. It may happen you are in a competitive situation for a promotion and you always thought your colleague was someone who you can trust and share almost everything. It is possible your relationship with your colleague will change when one of you both get the promotion.

Jealousy is often a sign which you notice very quickly and it is a proof your colleague will never be a real friend. It a characteristic which can destroy every relationship and certainly these of friends. People work for money and the problem between colleagues is that they strive for a promotion and you may have thought your colleague was your best friend; the love of money is the root of all evil and can destroy good teamwork and your good relationship with your colleague.

A work situation is different than a relationship between friends. It is possible some of your colleagues will become your friends. It is not unusual you discover similar interests and you also talk about private situations, for example your children, your spouse, health problems and you ask advice for certain situations in your life which may help you for certain decisions in your life.

A colleague can only be a friend if you meet each other after working hours and you talk about issues which are not work related. This doesn’t mean you may never talk about your boss, some of your other colleagues or problems which you have on your workplace. A colleague as friend can offer some encouragement which may help you in difficult work situations, for example advice in how to deal with a colleague who teases you, conflicts with your boss etc. Your colleague as friends is also the one who cares for you if you are ill or if you need some encouragement to reach certain goals.

It is necessary to do some activities together during your free time. It is possible you may like to watch movies together or you like to exercise together. No matter which kind of interest you share there is always need to spend time together after working hours. It is also possible you may go shopping together and probably you will have a drink together and it is even possible you invite your colleague at home.

Colleagues can certainly be your friends but you always need to be careful that you can separate your private and your professional life. You can have the best relationship at work, there is only friendship if you spend time together after working hours. For some people, it may be difficult because conflicts can arise between the best friends and this can have an influence on your work situation. Jealousy need certainly be avoided even if one of both get a promotion. You may lose your dream promotion to your colleague; it is necessary you congratulate your colleague if you want to keep your colleague as friend.

Everyone who has the qualities of a real friend can be your friend. This can someone you meet during a social activity, during a travel, in a shop, a restaurant, pub but also someone of your colleagues at work. Honesty, a good listener, respect for different opinions, good company, having fun together, trustworthiness, encouragement, caring in good and bad situations are qualities which you need to be a good friend.

It doesn’t matter if your friend is your colleague or someone else but you need to ensure you can separate work and private life. It is a necessity for a lasting friendship with your colleague and may improve the quality of your life. A friendship with a colleague can really be wonderful and may help you to overcome your daily problems but you may never think all your colleagues are your friends.

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