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Are we Close to the Battle of Armageddon – Yes

The Armageddon prophecy goes back in time to immediately following the resurrection. We are very close to this occurrence of Armageddon.

Though told that no man shall know the time, we know, from the Bible, the signs of an impending Armageddon. That the seasons shall become, themselves, confused and the flower shall bloom at odd and unusual intervals.

We have, been moving to this odd flux of the seasons, and this is obvious to us. Warm winters have come to many areas of the Midwest, a place where the normal seasons were once of a bitter cold that stung the nose and froze our breath before us.

I tend the garden and watch as many of the flowers bloom at odd times, unnatural. My friend in Texas has told me that her gardens of vegetables and herbs have not only become erratic but her tomato’s were still producing well into the winter season.

There are geese here in our area of the Midwest. Very late, their migration to the south is these flocks.

So many of the signs given now seen, Armageddon is surely nearby.

Many fail to recognize that “Armageddon”, which is foretold in the Bible; is not set in time because it is we who shall be the catalyst. Humankind alone shall spark this catastrophic event. As the Hebrew population did not keep the covenant and instead became Israel (one who wrestles with God), sparked the prophecy of the coming Messiah, Jesus the Christ.

Because the Hebrew did not keep the covenant, the Messiah came and opened the door to the Kingdom to the gentile.

Why is Armageddon at hand? As did the Hebrew not keep the Covenant, the gentile also did not follow the purpose for which God blew the soul into the nostrils of man. As written, God put man upon the earth for to tend it.

Instead of this tending, we abuse God’s great Creation. We watch and should be aghast, for we have spoiled the very ozone that protects and keeps us. We have sparked great hurricanes and tsunami. In this, we have sparked the confusion of the seasons and with it, the bloom of the flower out of its season. We even flirt with nuclear war; though told by our Savior that we are to Accept (Love) our God and our neighbor without exception.

Yes, I would certainly surmise that Armageddon is upon us, just around the corner.