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Are Celebrities a Positive or Negative Role Model – Negative

Celebrities most certainly have a negative effect on society. Although there are celebrities that do provide a positive role model for others, they are not as prominent in society and are not “scooped” as much. That may not necessarily be the celebrity’s fault, but with their job, comes a silent responsibilty to be classy and respectable. Instead, we have celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, with her wild drinking and Brittany Spears, with her poor taste in “husband material”, her drug problems, discord with her mother, and her children being taken away by child services. And if one dysfunctional celebrity family member wasn’t enough, we’ll add the younger Spears sibling who managed to get herself pregnent at 16. Are we trying to follow in warped older sisters footsteps?

Musicians today are singing about drugs, gangs, “bitches”, etc. Young kids look up to these “stars” and it seems that, through their music, they are saying that it is okay to be in a gang, use or sell drugs, and abuse women. This is what children have to look up to these days. This could be a reason why, with each new generation, there seems to be a bit more attitude and less obeying rules.

Let’s not forget to mention that there has not been one celebrity couple that has gotten married and stayed married! Marriage used to be forever. Now it’s “if we get sick of looking at each other, we can just get divorced.” Contrary to most beliefs, having divorced parents is not better for a child. It wouldn’t surprise meet if marriage were obsolete in the near future. It wouldn’t surprise meet if marriage were obsolete in the near future.

Also, 20 years ago, there was no such thing as a size 0. That right there should tell you how twisted this society is. So if you can fit into a size 0, you might as well not even exist, after all you are a ZERO. I understand the health reason for wanting to be fit, , but a ZERO! Maybe if your under 5 feet tall or a “little person,” but I can not comprehend how a ZERO could possibly be healthy for a woman that is 5’7″ tall. And we wonder why we have so many people with eating disorders.

Furthermore, if you don’t like the way your face, nose, chin, breasts, butt, thighs, or even genital area looks, you don’t have to worry. We now have what’s called cosmetic surgery. You don’t have to be unique or different anymore. You can look just like everyone else. I am reminded of an old episode of The Twilight Zone, where a young woman was forced into choosing a “body style” out of a handful that society though were acceptable to look like. And, surprise, she became a mindless drone just like the rest of them, with no character. With the way medical science is going, we will be able to make our babies look like Greek gods/goddesses in the womb!

So, in conclusion, I feel that celebrities are doing much more damage to our society than they are helping. There are few positive role models and the only ones we ever hear anything about are the negative ones. Although the media is to blame for what they report about, I think that the celebrities who are being reported on should reconsider what it is they DO to get in the papers in the first place.