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Answers within

Our own unique circumstances are rife with answers to our problems. We can often determine our own strengths and weaknesses as we go through and challenge the crisis in our lives. Looking within ourselves is an acceptable, honest approach. Yet  at times this action may be painful.  If you are willing to look within, the answers you seek will be prevalent.

Consider the decisions you have made in the past. These may give you a clue of your decision making capability.  How do you handle adversity? If you tend to withdraw, this may be an indication; you trust your own instincts. Another point to consider:  we each build a foundation or portfolio of our life’s events. We must take into account we can learn and grow from our own experiences, both good and bad.

Many of us take for granted our individuality. Isn’t it wonderful we are not clones of one another? Our different perspectives are conducive to  helping us decipher the correct answers to our problems.

God has given each one of us an intuitive capability. Rely on prayer  and what you intuitively know to be correct. Gathering  all pertinent information and making your decisions rationally is important to finding the answers within yourselves.  Please keep in mind we are all human and destined to make mistakes .The beauty of mistakes, is that they may be corrected. Don’t allow mistakes to hinder you from looking within yourselves to find the answers.

Have you ever tried to find something you misplaced , when you were upset or anxious? You must first calm down and go over the movements you have made. Looking inside of yourselves, requires that very same tactic. Don’t judge your selves, just evaluate, all of the information and the answers will be available to you.

Our thoughts and images of ourselves are comprised of many life events. These images and thoughts may render the answers you may be looking for. Prayers are housed within our thoughts , just as the answers reside there also.  Just as every word that comes out of your mouth, was first a thought hidden in the recesses of your mind.  No one can speak coherently, without thinking. It is an impossibility.

Search for the answers  within yourself.  Then take a moment or two and contemplate your thoughts. Some people may be afraid of their own thoughts and feelings, afraid of revealing themselves to others. To those people ,  I will say, “a true authentic answer is better than one that can be dismissed because it is untrue or not valid.”

My grandmother often said “to tell the truth and shame the devil”. Now all we need to do is make sure the truth lies within.