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Anime Reviews Soul Eater

“Soul Eater” is a recently developed Japanese anime series that is directed by Takuya Igarasahi and developed by Bones. It was licensed by Media Fantasy and Dentsu while being aired on the TV Tokyo network. The first episode of Soul Eater aired on Monday, April 7 of 2008. This is adapted from the ongoing manga that has been authored by Atsushi Okubo.

It’s a supernatural action themed anime with plenty of comedy involved. After watching the first episode of the anime, I was pretty satisfied. Personally, I thought Soul Eater was pretty funny.

The setting takes place in possible some alternate world with a Halloween feel of things. Soul Eater revolves around the world of witches and shinigami. Shinigami in Japan means the personification of death. The name had come from Europe during the Meiji Era. In short, a shinigami means either a soul reaper or a grim reaper.

The Soul Eater series is set in the Shinigami technical school for weapon meisters. Meisters are students training to be shinigami in the future. Its main story focuses on three groups of weapon meisters and their human weapon counterparts. In short, a meister has at least one or two humans at his/her side that can transform into a weapon.

Their aim is make their human weapons into a “Death Scythe” which is fit for use by the shinigami. The Death Scythe is the signature weapon of the Grim Reaper; which in Western culture personifies the angel of death. In order to make their weapons into Death Scythes, the meisters must collect ninety-nine souls of evil humans and one witch. However, it does not matter if the witch is good or bad.

The main meisters are Maka Alban with her companion Soul Eater or “Soul” that transforms into a scythe, Black Star with his companion Tsubaki who can transform into a variety of ninja weapons, and Death The Kid with his companions Patty and Liz that can transform into a set of handguns. Though they can transform into weapons, the meisters’ companions do have personalities of their own.

In humorously focuses on them having to collect those required souls. Each of the meisters have their own stories.

Interestingly enough, Shinigami-sama or the “Grim Reaper” is present. He is the most powerful character in Soul Eater. Maka’s father is the Grim Reaper’s Death Scythe.

It would look as the series focuses on Maka and Soul as they have to start from square one again. They had obtained the souls of ninety-nine evil humans but had mistaken Blair for a witch. It turns out that Blair was a cat with magical powers that could take on human form. The mistake had forced Maka and Soul to start from square one all over again.

So far, Soul Eater is an interesting anime with a pretty funny storyline.