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Anime Reviews Panda z

Pan Taron is an adorable little panda, wearing a red scarf left to him by his father, he pilots a large panda shaped robot named Panda Z. Panda Z was built by Taron’s grandfather, doctor Pan-Ji who is head of the laboratory Super P-Z. It specializes in building robotic animals. He built Panda Z along with Taron’s Father. Some of the robots look a little strange, there’s one that appears to have been created from a telephone for example. But they become Taron’s friends and comrades as he battles the evil Warunimals that have invaded their land.

The anime is very simplistic using limited dialouge to tell it’s tale. It seems to almost poke fun at itself at times. The artwork is reminiscent of sanrio (makers of hello kitty) almost, although it is not by sanrio at all, but by bandai. The episodes are short about 5 minutes long each. They are meant to be a parody to the old robo films of the 80s. The stories are often told via sound effects and music as none of the characters have voices.

It is a very strange anime, the fight scenes seem less action orientated and more humor based than anything else. Most of the episodes pit the robotic cast against the troubles that many of us face every day. It is quite odd to see just how human these robots can be at times.

It is not a show to watch if you want interesting storytelling and epic adventure, but it’s worth a few laughs here and there.