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Anime Reviews Hellsing

“Hellsing” is a thirteen episode Japanese anime that shouldn’t be confused with “Hellsing Ultimate” as they have different storylines. There series very much revolves around the legend of Dracula. In a sense, it looks to be a modern-day version of “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” with the Helsing family. In the series, it’s spelled as Hellsing. Instead of having a few hunters taking out vampires, it’s an large organization called the “Hellsing Organization” led by a woman named Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing which strong ties and influence to the government of Great Britain. They are charged with protecting the country itself to the shores from supernatural threats such as vampires and ghouls.

The Hellsing Organization is described differently from the regular series and the Hellsing Ultimate OVA. In the regular series, the organization is a counter-terrorist paramilitary force in uniform. When things go south as they usually do, the military forces step in to combat the vampires and ghouls. But forces are easily depleted and need constant replenishment as joining the Hellsing Organization is like signing a death warrant. One of the main requirements that would soon be waived later in the series is that one must be a Protestant. It is revealed that the Hellsing Organization is very much in the Protestant denomination. They can be pretty much classified as “elitist” as they deem non-Protestant to be blasphemers.

The main protagonists are: Alucard, Integra Hellsing, and Seras Victoria. The series is very much different from the Hellsing OVAs. However, Hellsing still does provide an interesting storyline as it mainly revolves around England. They are the main characters that drive the story.

Alucard is the organization’s most powerful warrior. Before serving under Integra, Alucard was locked up in a cell for hundreds of years. It could be that he may be Dracula himself. Alucard is spelled Dracula backwards such as “A-L-U-C-A-R-D” and “D-R-A-C-U-L-A.” He is basically the last resort when things go south. Alucard is one of the most ancient vampires that have existed for many centuries. He is still the same as the Hellsing Ultimate OVA.

Seras Victoria is a young girl that used to be a police officer. But she became a vampire as she allowed Alucard to kill her. She was being held hostage by a vampire posing as a priest during the first episode. As a result, Alucard shot through her to kill the vampire holding her hostage. Her eyes used to be blue and then became red after turning into a vampire. It’s established that after being bit by a vampire such as Alucard, your eyes turn red. Throughout the series, she serves as Alucard’s sidekick. While Alucard uses two guns, Seras uses all sorts of heavy weaponry.

Integra Hellsing is the director of the Hellsing Organization. Leadership of the family was passed down from generation to generation. She is also Alucard’s master. Whenever Alucard wants to activate a special sealed power, he must request permission from Integra. She is the brains behind the leadership. Alucard and Seras’ orders come from the very top which is Integra.

Mainly, the Hellsing Organization is charged with taking out ghouls and vampires. However, they do come across interference from the Vatican in the form of the Iscariot Division. There is a strong tension between Protestant and Catholics in Hellsing. In a sense, it’s a conflict of interest in territory. The Vatican would more than ever like to take out all the vampires along with the Hellsing Organization.

Unlike the Hellsing Ultimate OVA, Hellsing is a bunch of series of somewhat unrelated events. Unlike the Hellsing Ultimate OVA, Hellsing focuses on a singular enemy at the end who merely goes by the name of “Incognito”. But Incognito is the only main antagonist of the series compared to Hellsing Ultimate as it revolves around many antagonists and numerous dark organizations.

Despite the differences, Hellsing is an interesting enough anime series. A series like that is pretty hard to find. Still, it’s one worth watching. To avoid complications, think of Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate as two different series not related. Think of it as like comparing the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Marvel Universe.