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Anime Reviews Guyver out of Control

“Guyver: Out of Control” is fifty-five minute Japanese OVA that is directed by Hiroshi Watanabe and was released back in 1986 in Japan. L.A. Hero would release the OVA to the United States and Canada back in 1993. When I had watched it, I was not that impressed. I had preferred the actual twelve-episode OVA series known as “Bio-Booster Armor Guyver” which was released from 1989 until 1982.

The plot and story in Guyver: Out of Control roughly follows the first four chapters in the Guyver manga which is authored by Yoshiki Takaya and is still ongoing with at least twenty-five volumes that spans about one-hundred and sixty two chapters.

Guyver: Out of Control deals with the same basic stuff in the first four chapters of the actual manga; but, its storyline is completely different. There have been many changes within this OVA.

Still, the main protagonist is Sho Fukamachi, a high school student. The main antagonist is the Chronos Corporation and its army of superhuman monsters known as the Zoanoids. The story starts out like the 12-episode OVA and the 2005 remake known as “Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor.”

In Guyver: Out of Control, this person who is Zoanoid in disguise escapes from the facility owned by the Chronos Corporation. The person has these three special units called Guyver units in his bag. Instead of driving himself, the man hitches a ride on a truck. This time, it is a rainy night instead of a clear night.

The story then begins with Sho going to school with his romantic interest Mizuky. However, Tetsuro, the brother to Mizuky and best-friend to Sho is not present in Guyver: Out of Control. Instead of the Guyver unit being discovered by Sho, the Guyver flies out of nowhere and lands in front of Sho and Mizuky after a battle between that one Zoanoid and Chronos Soldiers.

While in the 12-episode OVA and the 2005 remake, Mizuky does not discover Sho is the Guyver right off the bat. In Guyver: Out of Control, Sho transforms into the Guyver right in front of Mizuky. In a sense, Mizuky ends up taking up the role of Tetsuro. But, Sho rushes to the rescue.

Instantly, they are drawn into a battle against the Chronos Corporation. Other basic elements would be the fight with Guyver II and the meeting with Guyver III. But, Guyver III’s identity is not revealed. Those that are familiar with the Guyver franchise should already know who Guyver III is.

However, the identity of Guyver II is different. Oswald Lisker is not present in Guyver: Out of Control. Instead, Lisker is replaced by a female agent known as Valcuria. Not much is known about Valcuria.

This mainly focuses on Sho’s mental state as he copes with the situation at hand along with dealing that he has a powerful weapon. So far, the significance of the Guyver units has not diminished. The two most notable weapons given to the Guyver are still present: the vibrating blades at the forearms and the mega smasher.

Still, this is an interesting OVA with some interesting music tracks for fight scenes. But, I prefer the 2005 remake over this one any day of the week. This is best left treated as an hour long non-canon movie in the Guyver universe.