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Anime Reviews Devil may Cry 2007

“Devil May Cry” is a twelve-episode anime series that is adapted from the popular Devil May Cry franchise for the Playstation 2. This series looks to test out the waters to see if it could be feasible to have an anime series based off of Devil May Cry. So far, it has worked for “Viewtiful Joe” and “Street Fighter.” The series looks to take place after Devil May Cry and shortly before the events of Devil May Cry 2 as Lucia isn’t present in the series.

However, Trish from Devil May Cry and Lady from Devil May Cry 3 make appearances in the anime as they tend to be foils for Dante. Lady tends to make more appearances in the anime than Trish does. In a sense, the anime looks to have influences from “GetBackers” as Dante is doing jobs left and right to clear the huge amount of debt that he owes. So far, I was pretty impressed with the series as it tends to do Devil May Cry a lot of justice.

Most of his jobs come from Lady who Dante owes a lot of money to. As a result of his huge debt, Dante is usually down on his luck. His main employment is being a “devil hunter” taking up jobs that deal with evil supernatural creatures called devils. In each case, he takes on either one or a whole bunch of these devils. Still, Dante doesn’t make that much at the end due to damages and other hidden costs. But it doesn’t help as Lady and Trish make purchases and put them on Dante’s tab.

Dante ends up finding himself in more debt. Dante displays horrible eating habits as they are limited to pizzas and strawberry sundaes. In one episode, Lady brings up Dante’s eating habits while Trish scolds him for not laying off the pizza. There’s hardly any mention of the games as it looks for the series to have its own storyline. Patty and Morrison are two new characters introduced.

Patty is a girl that is under Dante’s guardianship throughout the movies. She tends to be more mature and intelligent than Dante. Patty also is a better gambler than Dante in cards and other games. Morrison acts as Dante’s agent and repairman. Dante tends to get jobs from both Morrison and Lady.

There is one recurring villain who is a weakling that schemes to get rid of Dante. My one complaint with the series is that Dante looks a bit like a pansy as he didn’t kill that demon immediately. Still, Devil May Cry still looks to be an interesting anime series.