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Animal Totems Snake

Animal totems: Snake

The snake has had a bad reputation thanks to organised religions.  To them it is a sign of treachery or evil.  However to many people the snake is an animal of wisdom and knowledge.  There are over 2,900 species of snake which appear on every continent except Antarctica and on most islands.  They live on land and in the water, in trees and underground burrows.  Ranging in size from 10cm to 25ft they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and temperaments. 

If you have snake as a totem then you can be sure that there are a lot of lessons that it can teach you.  The first of the gifts that can be imparted is the ability to cope with any transformations that have come your way.  This can be either an emotional change from leaving or gaining a relationship or something physical like gaining or losing a job.  Snake will allow you to adapt as easily as they shed their skin. 

Just as they teach you to cope with any changes in your life snake will also teach you how to keep your emotions in control.  Snakes are cold blooded but that doesn’t mean that anyone with snake as a totem will be.  It just means that they can keep control over themselves a bit better.  Unfortunately this does sometimes come across as being cold sometimes.  To deal with this though snake will teach you how to enjoy the sun and the warmth of a summer day. 

As well as keeping emotions in check the snake will teach you how to keep your speech and thoughts from being rash.  This is linked in with the snakes wisdom and knowledge.  Magicians from ancient Mesopotamia onwards have used the snake as a symbol for wisdom.  Snakes do not do anything rashly and can accept change with calmness.  In mankind this takes a wisdom and ability to trust in the universe that is often not seen. 

Snake will also teach you how to accept your intuition.  This is partly why magicians have long used snakes as a symbol.  Intuition is a powerful thing to accept.  Along with your intuition sharpening your dreams will become more vivid and powerful.

As well as being used as a symbol for magician’s snakes are the universal symbols of medicine.  Indeed two are seen on the Caduceus, the staff and twin snakes combined is a well known symbol for denoting medical knowledge.   If you have snake as a totem animal then you may find yourself interested in or gravitating towards healing practises.  This is the snakes wisdom, knowledge and power again entering your life.

If you take care not to allow snake to make you to cold blooded and take time to accept yourself and to warm yourself in the arms of the sun or your loved ones then snake will teach you much.  If however you do not listen to your intuition and let yourself become too controlled and to emotionally distant then you may find yourself alone.  Take care, watch and learn from your totem and snake will see you transformed.